SSL 12, new 12-in/8-out USB audio interface with 32-bit converters

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Solid State Logic has expanded its USB-C audio interface lineup with the 12 featuring up to 12 inputs and 8 outputs with 32-bit converter technology. 

For a long time, Solid State Logic aka SSL was considered almost unattainable for amateur musicians. The product line has long been designed for large studios with ample budgets. That has changed in recent years with the introduction of affordable plugins and audio interfaces.

The SSL 2 and SSL 2+ are very high-quality audio interfaces for a very good price. The product line seems to be such a success that the company is now following up with the SSL 12. The big brother of the other two with more functionality but still with a very good price-feature ratio.

SSL 12

SSL 12

The SSL 12 follows the small SSL 2 and 2+ in terms of specifications. However, as many extensions. It comes with two instrument inputs on the front and a total of four preamps input. The latter are Neutrik® XLR Combo sockets for Mic/Line inputs with a low-noise performance of -130 dBu EIN) and a superior gain range of 62dB on the back.

There are also two handy independent headphone outputs on the front. On the rear, you can get TRS jack outputs for 2 speaker sets, 5 Pin DIN MIDI I/O, USB-C input, and an ADAT input giving you 8 channels of digital audio inputs. Thus, you can expand it to a 12-input and 8-output audio interface. Also nice is an on/off power switch on the back.

SSL 12 front backside

User Interface

The interface can be conveniently operated from the front. As was the case with the SSL 2 and 2+. You can activate the individual channels, set the volumes, activate the 4K legacy mode for analog-style 4000-series console color, and use new low-cut filters. These have been replaced by the input impedance switches found on the smaller 2+. Additionally, you can benefit from a talkback switch on the panel.

It also comes with a big blue monitor knob and dedicated knobs for the headphone levels. The SSL 12 also ships with the SSL 360° software control room giving you full control over the interface, including setting up the Loopback functionality.

There’s also software included such as NI Komplete Start, NI Hybrid Keys, SSL Vocalstrip and Drumstrip, AAS Session Bundle, Ableton Live Lite, Loopcloud sound content, and more.

At first glance, this looks like a very solid audio interface package.

The new SSL 12 is available now for 499€ worldwide.

More information here: SSL

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  1. I was lucky enough to get one last week from Gear4Music and, having bought a lot of audio interfaces over the last 20 years, I can easily say it’s one of the best I’ve ever owned. I’ve seen some very uninformed views on YouTube about it, some not even realising it’s a 32 bit interface, not a 24 bit device like the previous SSL 2 and 2+, so don’t take these videos as gospel, because they’re inaccurate. The SSL 12 is a fantastic product and selling out everywhere fast! It’s ace!

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