Dreadbox Erebus and Hades reissues, the built versions are now available

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After the DIY versions, the Dreadbox Erebus and Hades reissues analog synthesizers are now available as ready-made versions.

At Superbooth 22, the Greek Boutique company Dreadbox surprised us with reissues of their most popular mono synthesizers, Hades and Erebus.

At the beginning of November, then the release of the two synth classics. Dreadbox has decided on a dual release. First came the DIY versions, and now the built versions are available For everyone who wants to plug in the device and play with it immediately without calibration adventures.

Dreadbox Erebus Hades DIY kits

Dreadbox Erebus And Hades Reissues

Erebus and Hades are two monophonic analog synthesizers with different feature sets.

Erebus, the green box, is an analog paraphonic Synthesizer with two oscillators, each with two waveforms, separate glide controls, and hard sync function. Then, it has a rich-sounding 2-pole lowpass pre-fed filter, two envelopes (ADSR, AR), a wide range LFO, an OTA-based VCA, and the best-known lo-fi delay effect.

The reissue comes with an updated envelope generator that is snappier than on the original. There is also a beginner-friendly 15-point patch matrix allowing you to work semi-modularly. You can also take the Erebus out of its enclosure with USB power and go fully Eurorack. So it becomes a 42HP synth voice for your Eurorack system.

Hades, the lovely white box, is an analog bass Synthesizer with a rich sound reminiscent of classic Roland synths. The core consists of a single oscillator with two-sub-octaves and 2 waveforms with PW control.

Further, you get a 3-pole resonating lowpass filter, two envelopes (AD/RS + AR), a wide range LFO, and OTA-based VCA and distortion. Like Erebus, Hades also hosts a patch matrix on the right side. Here you get 11 points to take Hades in the modular realm. It can also be used as standalone synth with USB power or as a 42HP Eurorack synth voice.

Hades scores above all because of its simplicity and its fat analog bass sound.

Dreadbox Erebus and Hades reissues in the built versions are available now. Erebus costs 387€ + VAT, and Hades 282€ + VAT. The limited edition DIY versions are sold out.

More information here: Dreadbox 

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