Unfiltered Audio Tails, a creative shimmering reverb with super-smooth reverb tails

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Tails is a clean shimmering reverb plugin by Unfiltered Audio and BT that gives you super-smooth reverb tails without disturbing transients.

You caught me here. One of my favorite plugin makers in recent years is Unfiltered Audio. I have almost all the plugins in my arsenal (Triad, Silo, LO-FI AF…), all bought by myself. Thanks to the regular Plugin Alliance sales. the UA products were always available at very attractive prices. I could not resist.

Unfiltered Audio recently reported back with a new release. For Tails, they join forces with music producer and technologist BT (Brian Transeau). This is the second release from BT in a very short time. Spitfire Audio Polaris Synthesizer came out earlier this month.

Unfiltered Audio Tails

Unfiltered Audio Tails

Tails is a new creative reverb plugin with a unique feature set. One of the biggest goals of the developers was to create an effect with clean, shimmering reverb tails without any dissonant notes or disturbing transients. To achieve this, they developed an engine that features a polytonal dual buffer and new auto-ducking capabilities.

The engine detects dissonances and transients in the input signal, then it automatically ducks the signal to remove them. Plus, it switches to its polytonal dual buffer to make up for the loss and replaces the transients with washes of clean reverb. The result is a clean reverb decay that is free of discord from metallic hits and out-of-key notes.

Another key feature of the Tails is the ability to balance the amount of noise vs the amount of harmonic content in the signal. So you can create your own reverb timbre.  There is also a pre-ducking functionality of incoming transients to keep them from ever cluttering up your reverb.

Besides this, Tails features four different reverb algorithms, each with its own distinct character. You get Deep and Renoun modes from BYOME, Spatial from SILO, and a new algorithm called Shimmer. The latter is a mode that is tuned to BT’s specifications.


Further, it has a comprehensive MIDI implementation with creative twists. Including the option to mute the buffer via MIDI for rhythmic effects or mod/pitch wheel support for real-time control.

Unfiltered Audio promises that Tails is light on your CPU, using less than 1% CPU on a new Apple Silicon M1 Macbook Air. If that’s true, that would certainly be very welcome.

At first glance an interesting reverb plugin with a very innovative, futuristic feature set. There are many reverbs on the market, but this one has some neat additions that make it very unique.

Unfiltered Audio Tails is available now for an introductory price of $129,99 USD (reg. $149,99 USD).  It runs as a VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + M1) and Windows. The plugin is also included in the Plugin Alliance Mix & Master and MEGA bundle at no extra cost.

More information here: Plugin Alliance

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