K-Devices Magma, a new texturizer FX plugin with multiple sonic faces

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K-Devices Magma fuses various creative sound techniques (granular, micro-splicing…) into a new inspiring texturizer FX with a twist. 

The company K-Devices is known to users of Max for Live devices. The developers have made a name for themselves with creative tools that can be used to deeply bend timbres and melody content. For some time now, they have also been making inspiring iOS apps and plugins for mac/windows.

Magma is the latest release and the first plugin in the new totem series. These are new compact format, easy-to-use effects plugins at a lower, convenient price.

K-Devices Magma

K-Devices Magma

Magma is a new effects processor that doesn’t fit into any particular effect category. So no reverb, delay, chorus… it is a mixture of different ideas. According to K-Devices, it grabs incoming audio and twists its presence throughout time, blends it with its past self, unravels its most recondite shades, and controls its weight in space.

The core engine continuously records the incoming signal in a short buffer and then plays back the content by blending different moments in time.


Magma has a good range of different parameters with which you can bend the effect in different directions.

  • raw disables the internal envelope and sharpens your incoming signal
  • memory remembers the audio from the past and blends it with the preset, kind of unique dry/wet knob
  • freeze parameter freezes the input (= 100%)
  • size sets the buffer’s length
  • EQ section with lo and hi settings that cuts/boosts either low or high frequencies
  • rate sets the playhead’s speed and change the pitch
  • mid/side balances the mid/side allowing you to manipulate the stereo image.
  • temperature adds distortion to the signal and at higher values, it adds amp modulation
  • wet/dry control

Magma is an effect plugin with the possibility of a multi-effect plugin. It can be a creative micro-looper, a unique granular processor, a sustainer, or a sound enricher. K-Devices says it can generate reverb-like effects that transform your timbres in dark drones, shimmering textures, and more.

It’s clever that K-Devices doesn’t put its new plugin in an effect category. Thus it remains open to what exactly Magma is. It can do a lot and is certainly a creative inspiring effect plugin. I hope K-Devices will port Magma to iOS too.

K-Devices Magma is available now for an introductory price of 19€ instead of 39€. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: K-Devices 

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