Teenage Engineering TX-6, a tiny audio interface, mixer, and groovebox on battery power

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Teenage Engineering TX-6, a tiny, elegant battery-powered all-in-one device that gives audio recording, mixing, effects, MIDI, and a groovebox for on the go.

The all-time classic OP-1, the compact groovebox OP-Z or the portable beat-making handheld devices Pocket Operators… teenage engineering is known for very special, fully designed products. The designs are very industrial but also very loving at the same time. They are loved and “hated” for their designs and product concepts. The products polarize and that makes them unique.

Today, without a big marketing feast, teenage Engineering introduced a new product that will certainly cause a lot of discussions. No, it’s not a new OP-2 or an OP-Z with a built-in display.

Teenage Engineering TX-6

Teenage Engineering TX-6

The TX-6 is a super portable battery-powered audio multi-functional tool that combines an audio interface, mixer, and groovebox in a single device. Teenage Engineering says it’s the first portable pro-mixer that can be used as a multi-functional 32-bit 48kHz audio interface that has an instrument tuner, built-in digital fx, Synthesizer, and drum machine.

It comes with a housing made of cnc aluminum with 2k molding and thanks to the mini format it fits in every trouser pocket. 18 knobs, 6 sliders, a large knob, buttons, and a small display complete the interface. They are newly designed and have the same tiny scale. Crazy what the developers have packed into such a small format.

Audio Interface

The TX-6 is a true Swiss army knife of audio. First, it’s a class-compliant USB-C multi-channel audio interface that runs at 32-bit 48kHz. It has 6 stereo inputs on 3.5mm jacks on the back giving you many connections to plug in your external gear. It also gives you the option to modify the connections and use it as a 12-channel audio interface. A 6.35mm to 3.5mm mini jack adapter is included.

Big plus, it not only supports macOS, Windows but also fully iOS devices thanks to the MFi certificate. And there are also creative built-in effects.


TX-6 also has classic DSP effects onboard including reverb, chorus, and delay. There are also creative ones that let you manipulate/shape your sound in new directions including freezer, tape, filter, and distortion. Plus, each channel has a three-band EQ and adjustable compressor.

teenage engineering TX-6


Flip the TX-6 on its side and turn in a portable DJ mixer. It gives you the option to turn channel 1 into a fader to crossfade between channel 5 and 6 so you can fade/cut between the two. So you can mix different synthesizers, drum machines… sounds can be mixed creatively. Did I write synth and drum machine?


Yes, I have. The TX-6 is also a Synthesizer and drum machine, or more simply a portable groovebox. It features a Synthesizer and sequencer with 4 oscillator waveforms and 4 synthesized drum sounds. Joined by a tempo sync function to stay on the beat. No info on how deep the engine goes.

Teenage Engineering TX-6 backside

Bluetooth Controller

That’s not all. Further, it offers wireless connectivity with Bluetooth. So you can turn the TX-6 into a wireless MIDI controller for other Bluetooth MIDI devices. Or use Bluetooth to trigger and sync the internal synth and sequencer from other sources.

Mobile Production Hub

Another highlight is the mobility of this tiny audio swiss army knife. It is powered by rechargeable batteries that hold for about 8 hours. Teenage Engineering says the TX-6 uses its energy efficiency by automatically putting the display on sleep when not in use, and with completely adjustable LED strenght.

Besides the 6 stereo inputs and USB connection on the back, you find on the front an aux out, cue out with dedicated mini knobs, and a solid main out control.

A disadvantage of this mini factor is that it’s harder to work with regular-sized cables. As already mentioned, TE adds an adapter from 6.3mm to 3.5mm in the box.

you cannot work with regular cables. As already mentioned, TE adds an adapter from 6.3mm to 3.5mm. There offers as an additional purchase new high-quality, slimline cables in the shop.

First Impression

That’s called a product surprise, congratulations TE. At first glance a very elegant product that you can take anywhere. The TX-6 offers a lot in a small space: a high-quality audio interface with DSP effects, groove box, MIDI controller, mixer… Very exciting, unfortunately, the price is a bit daunting.

Teenage Engineering TX-6 is available now for $1199 USD/1199€.

More information here: teenage engineering 

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  1. For the future: Can you please name the prize first at the beginning of the text? Would be 3 minutes less waste of my lifetime for this.

    • Look at the bottom first if you just want to see the price. That’s where it always appears, if a price has been announced.

      Most of us want to know what a thing is before dismissing it. That being so, Tom’s format is fine as it is.

  2. “What is this? A mixer for Ants? How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to mix… if they can’t even tweak the knobs?”

    “Derek, this is just a small…”

    “I don’t wanna hear your excuses! The mixer has to be at least… three times bigger than this!”

    The memes write themselves anymore.

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