TAL-Sampler 4.1.2 with a new UI, preset browser, CLAP support, and more

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TAL (Togu Audio Line) has updated its straightforward Sampler plugin to version 4.1.2 featuring a new UI, preset browser, CLAP support, and more.

Sampler plugins are often packed with features that are often only accessible through many sub-menus. The wrong tool if you want to work fast. With its sampler plugin, TAL released the absolute antithesis of Kontakt, HALion… seven years ago. Crazy how time flies. It’s a sampler plugin with essential features that can be used quickly and easily.

Today TAL aka Togu Audio Line released a free update 4.1.2 that gives the plugin handy new features and a modern look. And that as a free update, big thumbs up.

TAL Sampler 4.1.2

TAL-Sampler 4.1.2

TAL-Sampler is described not only as a sampler but also as a full-fledged Synthesizer. It consists of 4 layers that are equipped with typical subtractive synth features like three AHDSR envelopes, three LFOs, high-quality effects, a modulation matrix, and more. According to TAL, the idea of the plugin is to bring back the fun sampling from good old times with small samples, fast loading times, and intuitive workflow. And all without getting lost in endless options.

I’ve been using the plugin since it was released in 2015 and can confirm that. TAL-Sampler is the simplest and the most intuitive sampler I have used so far.

The new update 4.1.2 takes this concept further without complicating the workflow. The new increased user interface is immediately noticeable. It gives you a better overview of the available blocks and improves the workflow. Then, you get a new preset browser on the left side, which splits your files into a preset and sample section. This comes with classic features like the ability to tag sounds with different colors.

TAL Sampler 4.1.2 UI

TAL also gave the velocity engine a makeover by adding new mapped-based velocity ranges. A nice extension. There are also new effects to discover in the FX section. Besides the delay and reverb…, it now offers a classic chorus and a high-pass filter.

CLAP Support

Important: the new version is backward compatible with the older version, which means your patches can be used here without any compatibility problems. Further, the update includes minor bug fixes. Another big addition: the update also brings support for the U-he/Bitwig open-source plugin format CLAP.

A nice update for the TAL sampler. I am particularly pleased that the developer continues to offer his updates for free for a 7-year-old plugin. Thanks a lot.

TAL-Sampler 4.1.2 is a free update for existing customers. It is available now for 60,70€ + VAT and runs as a VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and CLAP on macOS and Windows.

More information here: TAL 

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