Zoom AMS Series: new compact USB audio interfaces for studio and mobile musicians

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Zoom has announced the AMS Series, three new compact USB audio interfaces (AMS-22, AM-24, and AMS-24) for studio and mobile musicians. 

NAMM is the perfect music tech show for showcasing new audio interfaces, mixers, and more. The perfect moment you think. The Japanese brand Zoom thought otherwise. The NAMM 2022 is almost a week finished so there are new audio interfaces that you would have expected there.

Zoom has introduced the AMS Series USB audio interfaces.

Zoom AMS Series

Zoom AMS Series

The AMS Series are three new USB-C audio interfaces. The C must be emphasized more strongly here because Zoom is known to still install older types in newer products. All three are very compact, straightforward. and share one thing: none of them have MIDI. They are pure audio interfaces.

All three feature a very hands-on interface with different switches and knobs. You can, for example, toggle between music and streaming modes. The latter sums all input signals into a stereo mix which you can take wherever. There is also a handy loopback switch that combines the input signal with the computer playback. From here you can go straight in your streaming software. A

A direct monitoring switch on the hardware allows you to send the input signal to your headphones and monitor. There are three different versions: AMS-22, AMS-24, and AMS-44. All three interfaces features switchable power for condenser microphones, USB-C port for data and power, and can record audio at up to 24-bit/96kHz. The two larger versions (AMS-24/AMS-44) also have an option for battery option.

Then, they have cross-platform compatibility so you can use it with your Windows or macOS computer or with Andorid or iOS mobile devices.


The AMS-22 comes with a single XLR/TRS combo input (Hi-Z), a stereo 3.5mm input, two TRS outputs, a stereo headphone output (3.5mm), a loopback switch, and a director monitor switch. It’s the smallest in the series.


The AMS-24 is larger and more extensive but it remains very compact. It gives you two XLR/TRS combo inputs (input 1: Hi-Z), two TRS outputs, two stereo headphone outputs (3.5mm), and switches for music/streaming mode, loopback, and direct monitoring. This version is either powered via USB-C or batteries.


The largest and most extensive is the AMS-44 with four XLR/TRS combo inputs (input 1: Hi-Z), two TRS outputs, two stereo headphone outputs (3.5mm) and switches for music/streaming mode, loopback, and direct monitor. Also, this version is either powered via USB-C or batteries.

At first glance, small, compact audio interfaces with a number of good and solid features. Especially interesting devices for musicians who not only want to record instruments or voices but also want to stream their performances on the worldwide web.

The new Zoom AMS series will be available in Q3 2022 and prices are TBA.

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