BLEASS Monolit, free monophonic Synthesizer plugin for macOS, Windows & iOS

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BLEASS celebrates la Fête de la Music with Monolit, a free monophonic Synthesizer plugin for macOS, Windows, and iOS (AUv3). 

Happy Fête de la Music aka World Music Day. It’s an annual music celebration that takes place on 21 June. The French developers of BLEASS celebrate this day as well. More precisely with a free plugin release.

BLEASS today released Monolit, a new monophonic Synthesizer plugin for macOS, Windows, and iOS. It has no limitation and is free forever promises the developers.

BLEASS Monolit

BLEASS Monolit

Monolit is a free monophonic Synthesizer. Not polyphonic but you can work with up to 7-voice unison for rich sounds. The plugin has the well-known, very clear, colorful GUI design of the other BLEASS plugins. Like it or not, I personally like the simplicity of the UI elements a lot.

The synth consists of two oscillators. The first oscillator offers an SH-101 style waveform mixer with pulse + PWM, triangle, saw, and noise while the second has a morphable waveform. Both oscillator have classic octave and fine controls. You can spice up your sound with FM on OSC1, OSC2, or on both using its own oscillator source with sine, tri, saw, and square waveforms.

Then, you have a multimode filter with slope and drive control perfect for adding warmth to your sound. Modulation side, it gives you two ADSR envelopes (amp, filter) as well as a multi-wave syncable LFO. There are also additional modulators including mod-wheel, slide, and pressure controls, each with two slots in the general tap. So a good range of modulation options here.

BLEASS Monolit

Not to forget, you can adjust the vibrato and glide as well as choose between different retrigger options. Lastly, you get a versatile arpeggiator perfect for jamming around and a randomizer. Click on the dice and the engine will randomize all parameters of the synths. Not all results are musical, but the function can inspire or be the starting point of a new sound.

BLEASS ships Monolit with high-quality presets from many independent sound designers and YouTubers including Electronisounds, Red Sky Lullably, The Sound Test Room, and more.

A nice, solid release, thanks BLEASS. I think a new Synthesizer that should not be missed.

BLEASS Monolit is available now as a free download. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX on macOS and Windows. It is also available for free on iOS with AUv3 support.

More information here: BLEASS

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