K-Devices LFOH, an advanced AUv3 MIDI modulator for iOS

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K-Devices LFOH, a new advanced AUv3 modulator for iOS with a fully customizable LFO in its core made for audio and MIDI applications.

The AUv3 format has brought mobile music making on iOS extremely forward. Above all, you don’t want to do without the possibility of using multiple instances.

There are instruments, effects and even MIDI AUv3 apps. The market is huge and growing almost every day. Today, K-Devices released an exciting new MIDI modulator app for little money.

K-Devices LFOH

K-Devices LFOH

LFOH is a new AUv3 MIDI modulator plugin for iOS that consists of a single oscillator (LFO) with continuously morphable and selectable waveforms. Besides the classic frequency and phase parameters, it offers different advanced shaping controls. Including swinging its cycles, bending its curves, squeezing portions of oscillation in the same period of time, scaling and transforming while exceeding its boundaries.

There is also an additional sample and hold circuit that provides quantization for the resulting signal. So the app gives the possibilities of classic cycling envelopes but with more advanced features. It’s an LFO on steroids.

K-Devices LFOH

LFOH! is both an audio processor and a MIDI modulator. While is capable to send its modulation signal out as MIDI CC (according to the MIDI routing flexibility of the app that hosts it), it can also modulate the amplitude of incoming audio.

Nice to see that the Max for Live modulator is now also available as an AUv3 MIDI app. More MIDI modulators for iOS are always very welcome. They are super useful for adding movement to your sound.

K-Devices LFOH is available now for an introductory price of $1,99 USD/1,99€ on the Apple AppStore and runs as an AUv3 plugin exclusively in an iOS host like AUM, Drambo, Cubasis… All other KD apps are on sale with a 50% OFF discount.

More information here: K-Devices AppStore

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