Sketch Audio Blip Box and Phase Monkey, new AUv3 drum & phase distortion synths (iOS/mac)

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Sketch Audio has released Blip Box and Phase Monkey, new AUv3 drum & phase distortion synthesizer plugins for iOS and macOS.

New developer time. Sketch Audio, a new developer recently entered the iOS platform. Yes, iOS as a music platform lives and grows almost daily with new apps.

The company starts its young journey with two beautiful new iOS/macOS synths.

Sketch Audio Blip Box Phase Monkey

Sketch Audio Blip Box and Phase Monkey

Starting with Blip Box. It’s a new AUv3 drum Synthesizer with sixteen voices for macOS/iOS. It takes inspiration from a variety of synths, both analog and digital, says Sketch Audio.

It features a dual oscillator with complex frequency modulation, two snappy envelopes, distorted effects, a filter, and a mixer. There are is also super straightforward modulation system.

Sketch Audio Blip Box Phase Monkey

The whole thing can be played via an integrated keyboard or with a MIDI keyboard or sequencer.

Sketch Audio’s second new release is Phase Monkey. It’s a polyphonic Synthesizer inspired by the classic phase distortion synthesizers of the mid-1980s. More precisely, the Casio CZ series, and others.

It’s, however, not an emulation of these classic synths. Phase Money offers a fresh take on this synthesis type.

Sketch Audio Phase Monkey

Phase Monkey consists of a multi-wave oscillator, a unique eight-stage envelope, multi-wave LFO, and more.

The result is a versatile digital instrument that can produce anything from warm pads to shimmering leads to snarling basses, says the developers.

Both synths are universal purchases on Apple platforms (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and have iCloud-synced presets. You can use them standalone or as AUv3 plug-ins – start an idea on your phone, and pick it up later in your studio.

First Impression

Two beautiful new synthesizers for macOS/iOS. Not overloaded with features and with a very immediate UI design. It’s great to see that there is a new drum synth again. They’re relatively rare.

Sketch Audio Blip Box and Phase Monkey are available now for $7,99 USD each. They run standalone and as an AUv3 plugin on macOS (Apple Silicon) and iOS.

More information here: Sketch Audio 

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