BeepStreet Zeeon analog modeling Synthesizer now on macOS AUv3

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BeepStreet Zeeon, one of the best-sounding iOS analog modeling synthesizers, is now compatible with macOS as an AUv3 plugin

Yesterday, Ableton surprised us with the announcement that Live from version 11.2 (Public Beta) supports AUv3. A still young plugin format that Apple initially launched on iOS. Only later, especially with the introduction of the new Apple Silicon M1 computers, AUv3 also became available on the macOS operating system.

So far, software from Apple (Logic Pro…) but also third-party products such as Reaper or Ableton Live are offering AUv3 support. However, this does not directly mean that you can use all your favorite AUv3 plugins from iOS on macOS. Many developers block this step because they like to have money from both worlds. But there are very welcome exceptions.

Beepstreet Zeeon macOS

Including Moog with its Model 15 or Animoog Z apps or now Beepstreet, who have unlocked the excellent Zeeon Synthesizer for macOS. And this free of charge for existing iOS users.

BeepStreet Zeeon AUv3

Zeeon is an analog modeling aka virtual analog Synthesizer with an advanced dual-layer engine. Each layer gives you two oscillators with continuously variable waveforms, hard-sync, and a sub-oscillator. According to the developer, they carefully simulated analog drift and PSU influence from hardware synths.

Then, you get three different filter models including a transistor ladder lowpass, OTA cascade lowpass, and state variable filter with LP-HP + band pass mode. There is also an overdrive with diode clipper and transistor saturation that can be routed before (pre) or after (post) filter. This gives you sounds extra grid and juice.

Modulation side, you get two flexible LFOs and envelopes per voice with a powerful modulation matrix with 8 modulation slots, 17 signal sources, and 41 targets available. They both work from modulation modules and audio signal paths. This allows you to modulate waveforms, filter cutoff, panning… by the oscillators or the second layer.

One of the powerful features of Zeeon is the option to cross-modulate layers. So you can layers can modulate each other giving you super-rich, wild sounds. You can also self-modulation to a single layer.

Beepstreet Zeeon MacOS

Further, to refine your sounds, it comes with a circuit-modeled BBD chorus, bass booster, zero-delay phaser, stereo delay, and reverb. Plus, you get an easy-to-use polyphonic step sequencer. It also has a full MIDI implementation.

Another I love about the Zeeon is its stunning, detailed sound quality. The engine process all audio and modulation signals at 176 kHz (4x oversampling). So they go full throttle in the emulation. You can also see that in the CPU. Zeeon isn’t the synth with the lowest CPU consumption, but you get a virtual analog one with a rich and detailed sound.

And you can now use this excellent engine also on macOS as an AUv3 plugin. So far only loadable in Logic Pro, Mainstage, Mainstage, Reaper, or since yesterday also in the public beta of Ableton Live 11.2. This functionality however only works with M1 computers.

Sound Demo (iOS)

BeepStreet Zeeon is available now for $9,99 USD on the Apple AppStore. It runs as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin on iOS/macOS. The latter requires macOS 11 and an Apple M1 system. Search for Zeeon on your Mac App Store and then iPhone/iPad apps. From here, you can download it to your M1 Mac.

More information here: BeepStreet

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  1. Looks great – only thing is I wouldn’t buy another BeepStreet plugin as their ongoing updates for Sunrizer stopped soon after initial release, leaving things unfixed. Might be different for iOS apps, just talking about Mac-based.

  2. Maybe it is worth noting that Zeeon did not show up as free in the Mac App Store. However when you buy it, a message shows up that it is free indeed (for an existing user like me).
    I experience GUI/cursor problem on Mac in (default) large window size. It is OK in the small window (look in preferences)

    • Also stability issues when starting up the app. From the 3 , Drambo , Sunrizer , Zeeon, this last one seems to be the most unstable. While, I think I have never seen an announcement of Mac compatibility of the first two.

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