Superbooth 22: Finegear Dirt Magnet analog tape multi-fx & Modmix, first look

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Superbooth 22: Finegear Dirt Magnet is a new stereo analog multi-FX processor with a playable cassette tape and Modmix is a performance CV mixer. 

The Dust Collector from the Romanian company Finegear is a hybrid multi-fx device with a performance approach and vintage look. A device that stands out because it is not a classic pedal/stompbox or rack unit. It comes with the ergonomics and playability of a synthesizer. Very different for an effect.

For Superbooth 22 they showed the second multi-fx box from the Arkive Effects series. Again different effects are bundled in a new box but unlike the Dust Collector, the new Dirt Magnet is stereo.

Finegear Dirt Magnet

Finegear Dirt Magnet

The Dirt Magnet comes in the same vintage, hands-on design as the Dust Collector. The big difference from the first product, it’s a stereo analog processor.  The focus of this upcoming release is not a spring reverb but a playable analog tape delay powered by a tape.

Like the Dust Collector, you can open it and use your fingers to interact with the tape. For example for creating real tape stop effects. I’m curious how easy it will be possible to make. We all know from the past how fiddly and sensitive analog tape processors are. You get front-panel manual controls for adjust the tape including tape speed, feedback, panning, and attenuators on CV.

Yes, Dirt Magnet is again semi-modular. They added CV control to the analog tape delay over the gate, speed, regeneration (of feedback), and panning. Pretty cool, on the input, they also include a preamp and tone control take from the original Space Echo. Not to forget, you get a ping-pong switch and a dry/wet mix knob.

Then, you get a simple but effective ring modulator with CV control.

Finegear Dirt Magnet

Filtering Noise

If you want more dirt and character, there is a characterful MS-20 filter with which you can shape your signal. The developers raised the resonance level to add more dirt and make it possible to use it as a sound generator. In the video, for example, as a kick generator. There are two analog noise generators onboard: noise and crackles which have each audio input so you can mix other sources through them. The noise gives you CV control over the frequency and width while crackle offers a highpass filter and CV-controlled density.

Analog tape delay, MS-20 filter, noise, and crackles, here you can definitely infuse grid in your sounds. To add movement to your sound, Finegear also added two digital MIDI-synceable LFOs with sine, triangle, and square waveforms, sample & hold, and an envelope-shaped output. The LFOs give you symmetry control for pulse width modulation and an offset knob.

A very exciting multi-FX device that is very unique. In its form and in its feature set.

Finegear Modmix

Finegear Modmix

The second new product by Finegar is less in focus but just as exciting. Modmix is an experimental performance-oriented mixing console for routing audio and CV signals. It features 4 channels with 3-band EQ, volume and panning, 4 aux sends, and then two LFOs and two envelope followers. There are also 4 stereo returns.

Alternatively, you can switch the aux into feedback mode to fold back in on itself. Kristian says it’s a mixer for experimental musicians. Great for no-input music using just feedback. Very exciting concept.

Developer Talk & First Look

I hope we see more such lovely effect devices. In such a form and implemented in this way, multi-FXs are not only understood as an addon in your setup but become an integral part of a performance. So basically instruments.

Finegear Dirt Magnet will be available in Q3/2022 for under 1000€ and the Modmix CV mixer later this year.

More information here: Finegear

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