Nunomo Qun Mk2, mini $155 Synthesizer with granular, looper and sequencer

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Nunomo Qun Mk2 is a portable $155 synth with analog modeling, FM, and granular synthesis, looper, and sequencing. 

In 2020 I reported about the Qun Synthesizer for under $100. A small portable synth with a lot of functionality and good sound. Since the project was very popular in the synth communities, Nunomo has massively expanded the firmware in recent months.

So extensive that they also decided to refresh the hardware. Say hello to the Qun Mk2. A massive feature and design upgrade for the initial Qun portable Synthesizer

Nunomo Qun Mk2

Nunomo Qun Mk2

Bye-bye circuit board look, we welcome a new hardware with a black finish, a big knob, menu buttons, and a small display. The sound engine got a massive upgrade that is according to the developer compatible with the mk1.

Qun Mk2 is a multi-synthesis instrument. It starts with a low-latency analog-modeling engine with 2 clean, anti-aliasing oscillators that offer dual-tone functionality. Then, it is possible to turn the oscillators in a 4-operator FM synth as well as in a sampler with granular synthesis and. Here you can granular slice audio via the external input.

It has an organic-sounding filter with 2-/4 pole lowpass, bandpass, high-pass, and notch including key sync. To polish your sounds it comes with an effect slot where you can choose between a chorus, delay, or flanger effect. Modulation side, you get a single LFO that can be controlled by MIDI notes, as well as four envelope generators.

Qun Mk2 is a monophonic synth but you can achieve polyphonic operation by stacking multiple QUN synths.

Looper, Player & Sequencer

There is more hidden in the deep engine. The audio input is not only used for audio processing but can also serve as a looper for up to 3 tracks in stereo. The looper is capable to record sounds for up to around 30 seconds. Either directly from the sound engine or from the external audio. One session can host up to 3 tracks, 5 scenes, and a total of 15 recordings.  These can be played back synchronized with the MIDI sequencer in the device.

You can control the looper using the front panel buttons: cut, paste, play, rec, and overdub. There is also an internal mixer with a built-in compressor. On a microSD card, you can then find all your looper recordings, presets, and granular samples.

Nunomo Qun Mk2

Qun Mk2 gives you two ways to play it: either with the piano mode with the hardware buttons or with the extensive step sequencer. It has 4 pages, each with up to 16 steps giving you in total up to 64-step sequencers.

It features a wide range of creative, inspiring features including transpose, note width, velocity, probability, randomness, scale quantize, arpeggiate steps, and shuffle. Plus, you can choose per step note on/off, double, or triple. You can also activate an arpeggiator inside the sequencer.


Connection side, you get a stereo input/out and MIDI in/out with MIDI clock sync. Pretty cool is the ability to use the inputs alternatively as CV inputs with flexible mod CV routing.

At first glance, a lovely portable Synthesizer with tons of functionality.  The operation certainly needs some time to get used to, but what the device can do at the price is very impressive.

Nunomo Qun Mk2 is available now for pre-order for $155 USD and shipping starts in a month from the US.

More information here: Nunomo

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