MyVolts TAPS, tiny audio utilities that upgrade every minijack output

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MyVolts TAPS (Beat Splitter and Pots & Pans) are super tiny audio accessories that pull more functionality out of any output jack.

Small synthesizers, drum machines… have the advantage that they are perfect for mobile setups. They can be used with batteries or a power bank, weigh little and fit in any pocket. The disadvantage of such mini synths is often the limited I/O side.

MyVolts recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their TAPS mini tools, which upgrades every minijack of your synths with more functionality for little money.

MyVolts Taps

MyVolts TAPS

Taps is a new inexpensive helpful audio accessory range fr0m MyVolts. They look like a clamp with an audio connector and a couple of switches. There are three different TAPS on offer: Beat Splitter and Pots & Pans.

Beat Splitter is a clever utility that plugs into an audio output and splits the signal into two. Practical if you want to listen to an audio signal with a second person without sharing the headphones. Could be very useful for Superbooth booths. But MyVolts takes it further by offering you the option to change either the output to be regular stereo, mono or left/right over both sides.

MyVolts Taps Beat

Could be exciting to work on tracks together with a friend. MyVolts, however, suggest that you could use it for multi-tracking audio while syncing your devices like the Pocket Operators or the Korg Volcas. And yes it will also work with non music tech gear like laptops or smartphones.

MyVolts Taps Pots+Pan

Pots & Pans with the same design but with a volume knob, panning control, and a mute switch. A very simple tool that gives you knob control over a volume output. I don’t necessarily need a mute but looks like a handy inexpensive tool.

Ricky Tinez has published a nice video where he shows different application examples.

First Impression

Both tiny TAPS aren’t super music tech innovations, but clever little tools that give you possibilities you don’t immediately think of. Like knob control for output jacks or two outputs something, you would have on any device. Especially on mobile devices.

MyVolts TAPS are available now for pre-order via Kickstarter for 9€ each. You can get a 6-pack for 49€.

More information here: MyVolts Kickstarter

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  1. Clever!
    And it’s getting to be an interesting lineup. (I really appreciate my ripcords and mickXers. I’ve also been thinking about the reVolt.) Some of the use cases are interesting (dry/wet, sync…). Even the idea of a mute button on the device itself makes more sense as I think about it.
    One concern I have is about loudness, with passive splitting. In fact, that’s a problem I have with the mickXer (I expect the signals to add up and yet it’s almost as though there’s a limiter).
    Another is about the physical design. I’m not sure this would fit all of my devices.
    While I don’t think I’ll back this one, I might add a splitter to an order I make in the future.

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