SKnote MMG1 plugin, a polyphonic emulation of the Minimoog Synthesizer

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The SKnote MMG1 plugin emulates “one of the best synths in history” the Minimoog and offers up to 8 voices of polyphony and other neat extras

The Moog Minimoog premiered in 1970. It is one of the most important and popular synthesizers ever developed. This popularity is also noticeable in the software world. It is one of the most emulated synths here.

There are few software synth companies that don’t have an emulation of this legendary synth. And today comes the next one, from SKnote.

SKnote MMG1

SKnote MMG1

MMG1 is an emulation of the Moog Minimoog. No samples are used for this, but component modeling says the developer SKnote. At first glance the emulation looks like other mini emulations: three multi-wave VCOs, brown and white noise and feedback, ladder filter with cutoff, emphasis, and contour and two envelopes. Interesting no fine tune on the first oscillator. But if you look at it twice, you can see some changes compared to the original

SKnote has raised their emulation to the polyphonic level. You can choose between different modes including eight, four or two notes polyphony. Alternatively, there also different mono modes available as well a re-trigger and legato mode. On the synthesis side, you can work with a high-pass filter besides the classic lowpass and use an LFO. Like in the original, the third oscillator can be turned in an LFO. Here for creating amplitude- and frequency modulation. Then, you can modify the feedback behavior as well.

Of course there is the possibility to save sounds as presets. For the quick start, it comes several banks of presets. More will be added later. MIDI CC is also supported. According to the developer, you can create besides classic bass and leads also pads, keys, pianos or even plucked instruments.

The question to ask with this release is how many Minimoog emulations does a musician with an in-the-box setup need in his arsenal. I think two are certainly not bad to compare the quality.  Nonetheless a good release, especially the polyphony is a nice extra.

SKnote MMG1 is available now for $39,99 USD and runs as a VST, AU and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.  The developer will add native Apple Silicon later.

More information here: SKnote 

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