Jolin NEXUM, the multi cable tester module for your Eurorack system

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Broken Eurorack cables are a thing of the past: the new Jolin Nexum makes cable testing easy and hassle free in your modular system. 

If you make music with electronic instruments, effects and other devices, you get into a close relationship with cables. Big, small, medium, crooked, cables come in every shape and color. In big cable salats it can happen that some of them no longer work.

In this situation, a tester device comes in handy with which you can test them and if necessary, immediately eliminate the broken cables. If you work with Eurorack, you use significantly smaller patch cords and often special ones that cannot be checked with classic test devices. Jolin has the solution, and it’s much more practical than classic devices.

Jolin Nexum


Cable testers like to be thick and chunky. These are mainly made to test big instrument cables etc. Nexum from the young Italian developers of Jolin is a multi cable tester in module format (8HP) for Eurorack.

Nexum allows you to test all cables that are used in Eurorack format. Starting with ribbon cables that are located between the power supply and the module or between two modules. Often found on expanders. Nexum supports cables with a maximum of 20 pins in three formats:

  • 2.54mm – 2×8 – 2×5 / 2×8 – 2×5 headers
  • 2.00mm – 2×10 / 2×10 headers
  • 1.27mm – 2×10 / 2×10 headers

Then, you can also test classic patch cables. At the bottom, there are four sockets available. One section for mono patch cables (TS cables) and another for stereo cables (TRS). Built-in LEDs provide instant feedback as to whether the cable is still working or not. There are also two LED indicators directly wired to the power lines that will let you now if the -12 or +12 are misbehaving.

A very useful module in my opinion. Nexum is very handy if you use a lot of cables and you want to know which cables are still working. And it’s probably a perfect gift for a cable messie.

Jolin NEXUM is available now as an assembled module for 89€ or as a full DIY kit for 69€.

More information here: Jolin

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