Rides In The Storm DMO, dual LFO module with cross-modulation

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Rides In The Storm DMO is a new dual multi-wave LFO module with built-in waveform cross-fading and cross-modulation 

LFO modules are essential tools for a Synthesizer especially in modular synthesis. They bring movement into the sounds and make them livelier and more exciting. In Eurorack you often start with very simple generators. LFOs that have some waveforms, speed amount control, and one or two CV inputs. Quite classic.

The young German company Rides In The Storm has packed exactly that into a new module. Even twice. They also expanded the basic idea of a classic LFO by two additional inspiring functions.

Rides in the Storm DMO


DMO is a dual LFO modulator (8HP) with the same feature set: multiple waveforms (saw, ramp, pulse, single, triangle, and random), dedicated output (A/B), and CV inputs for speed, and reset. Classic up to this point.

What is exciting about the DMO is the possibility of cross-modulating the two LFOs with one another. Each side has its own XMOD CV input and a attenuator knob for controlling the amount. These can be used for more complex, wild modulations. Further, there is a wave crossfading function controllable via CV.

At first glance a neat dual LFO that combines classic and modern ideas in an easy-to-use module.

Rides in the Storm DMO will be available in January 2022 for 139€ (MRSP).

More information here: Rides in the Storm 

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