KQ MiniSynth Modular Synthesizer For iOS Updated To V2 With 8 New Modules!

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KQ MiniSynth polyphonic modular Synthesizer v.2 for iOS is available now and features 8 new modules, improvements and fixes!

Good news coming from Ryouta Kira. The developer has just updated the super versatile polyphonic modular Synthesizer KQ MiniSynth for iOS to version 2. It received 8 new stereo modules (chorus effector, flanger, modulated delay…), improvements and bug fixes.

One of the improvements can be found in the Reverb Filter module that is now available in stereo.

KQ MiniSynth 2 Update iOS polyphonic modular Synthesizer AUv3


KQ MiniSynth is a powerful polyphonic modular synthesizer. This app lets you create tones with module patching. You can add/remove up to 100 modules freely as you want (Oscillators, Envelope Generators, Filters, and so on). Of course it depends on your device’s ability. Modular system is also good for education use. You can learn the role of various modules while patching those.The Patch-Editing view supports zooming. You can connect modules with taps easily.

  • 70 Presets are included.
  • External and Virtual MIDI is supported.
  • MIDI over Bluetooth LE is supported (Act as a Central device).
  • Inter-App Audio is supported.
  • Audiobus is supported.
  • Ableton Link integration.
  • Includes an Audio Unit Extension (AUv3 Instrument).

New In KQ MiniSynth V.2

  • Stereo modules are added: Mono To Dualmono, Stereo To Mono, Panner, Chorus Effector, Flanger, Modulated Delay, Reverb Filter (FreeVerb), Polyphonic Or Gate
  • Modified modules: Reverb Filter (KQ) (Became Stereo)
  • Noise which occurred when connecting/disconnecting cables is reduced.
  • A description is shown when you tap module’s title.
  • Updated Sequencer Examples.
  • Other small fixes.

KQ MiniSynth v.2 is available now for $5.99 USD from the Apple App Store. The new v.2 update is free of charge for existing users.

More information here: KQ MiniSynth v.2

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