Limbic Bits Ergosphere, 90 new Sequential OB-6 patches for techno, ambient & electronica

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 Limbic Bits has published Ergosphere, a new library featuring 90 newly designed patches for the mighty Sequential OB-6 poly analog Synthesizer.

Read exactly, a new patch library for the lovely Sequential OB-6. Probably one of my favorite analog synthesizers because you get the power of two legendary synth developers (Dave Smith & Tom Oberheim) in one might analog instrument.

Limbic Bits has created a solid set of interesting sounds for the OB-6. Modern sounds are in the foreground here, less the vintage ones.

Limbic Bits Ergosphere

Ergosphere Description

Ergosphere is a sound pack for the fantastic Sequential OB-6 synthesizer with 90 Sequential OB-6 patches for techno, ambient, or electronica. This sound pack offers a broad selection of lush pads, melancholic leads, but also more complex arpeggiator and effect sounds. Of course, “Ergosphere” also features an extensive collection of basses.

It comes with 31 pads, 26 lead, 16 bass, 9 arp, and 8 SFX & drones sounds.

And please don’t pin down presets as boring. Good presets are capable of showing musicians what the instrument can do, and in the best case, they inspire you for new songs and own sounds.

The new Limbic Bits Ergosphere preset library for the Sequential OB-6 is available now for 22€.

More information here: Limbic Bits

Preset Library News

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