UVI Emulation II+, a 4-virtual instrument bundle with classic/modern E-mu sounds

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UVI raises its Emulation instrument range to the next 80s level with the Emulation II+ bundle with more instruments, and sounds from the iconic E-mu samplers.

Emulation II + pulls in the sounds of the iconic 80s Emulator I, II and III samplers plus the Drumlator and SP12 for a massive Babycham and Snakebite party.

With the Emulation series, UVI has been offering virtual instruments with the cheesy sounds of the legendary E-mu emulator series for several years. Unlike Arturia, the developers do not emulate the hardware in detail but sampled the sounds directly from the hardware and embed them in easy-to-use virtual instruments.

With the Emulation II +, UVI has today released a massive update for these instruments. Now in a bundle, it ships with over 1300 presets, 800+ layers, 2400+ drum sounds, and more. It features officially licensed sounds plus tons of new ones, along with the new lo-fi drum machine Drumulation+. A bundle made for fans of vintage samplers and E-mu hardware.

UVI Emulation II+ Drumulation


Starting with Drumulation+, a lo-fi drum machine that delivers vintage drum and percussive sounds directly from the Emulation I, II, and III. Plus, a selection of sounds from the iconic E-mu SP-12 sampler.

In total, it offers over 2400 hardware samples all built into a unique feature-rich virtual instrument with 8 fully-editable parts with effects, sequencer, stereo or multi outputs. Thanks MIDI drag-n-drop, you can load in your own MIDI patterns.

UVI Drumulation Emulation I

UVI Emulation I

Emulation I features sounds from the original UVI release and all-new 8-bit sounds made by the in house sound designer team. Here new sounds were collected, sampled and loaded into the original E-mu Emulator hardware. Onced captured with the iconic character, they are built into fully customizable virtual instruments with effects, and more.

UVI Emulation II

Emulation II

Emulation II, the second instruments packs over 300 sounds recorded from the Emulator II, including the officially licensed OMI libraries. For an additional flavor, UVI also loaded the sounds in the Oberheim DPX-1 and captured them with the same detailed process. You can activate this flavor by pressing the “DPX” toggle.

Emulation III

Emulation III is another virtual instrument with a more polished sound character. Here, too, there are many well-known sounds from the first UVI Emulation II version, but also brand new sounds that were specially made for this release.

UVI Emulation III


If that’s not enough, Emulation II+ comes with a massive multi-instrument where you can combine all Emulation sounds with each other. It gives you Drumulation+ and 4 customizable slots that can be loaded with sounds from E I, II, or III. It comes with versatile 64-step arpeggiator/phrasers to create full song ideas, a wide range of effects, and more.

The Emulation II+ Multi gives you near limitless sound and phrase design potential in an inspiring and quick-to-master layout. This instrument takes the known sounds in new modern direction with the original hardware was not possible.

UVI Emulation II+ Multi

The new UVI Emulation II+ is not an accurate emulation of the hardware device. However, through the precise sampling, the developers have made the authentic sound available in four deep and rich virtual instruments for every DAW. A bundle full of the 80s touch.

UVI Emulation II+ is available now with a special introductory price of $129 / 129€ (regularly $199 / 199€). Upgrades for owners of Emulation One, Emulation II, or Vintage Vault are available for $59 / 59€. Intro and upgrade offers are valid through September 15th, 2021.

It offers native 64-bit standalone operation by way of Falcon or the free UVI Workstation. Plus comprehensive support for all modern DAWs and simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

More information here: UVI 

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