Zero-G Dark Skies Review – A Sample Library Full Of Dark Soundscapes & Textures

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Dark Skies Cinematic Ambiences by Zero-G is an enormous sample library that contains more than 1000 instruments ranging from huge, luscious, panoramic soundscapes, mysterious, eerie to downright scary. As the title of the library already say, it’s main aim is to offer a wide variety of ambiences, soundscapes, drones and FX sounds. Beside the massive amount of soundscapes, it features also more specific samples that range from washes, harsh blasts, noises and granular FX.

On top, it comes with over 50 construction kits categorised in four different sub-themes (ambient score, dark score, science score and text) that gives you just a short sound to play around. All this is packed in more than 1000 Kontakt, EXS24 and NN-XT instruments. The samples are also provided as wav and AIFF Apple loops files.

To get a better overview of the included sound content, here a short sound demo.

Sound Demo


Zero-G has developed with Dark Skies an excellent sounding and versatile sample library, which focuses mainly on soundscapes. From classical atmospherical, gloomy horrible to metallic sounding soundscapes, here you will certainly find the right one for your track. Since the sounds are relatively long and good loop-able, it’s easy to create infinite sounding textures. Most of all I like the metallic drones/textures because they are very detailed and you can hear a kind of life in those sounds. The individual samples are reminiscent of fast-known gloomy movies such as Blade Runner where you are a little scared of the brutality of the sounds.In the additional construction kits, users get a nice insight on how to limit textures or atmosphere sounds in time, but bring them to shine with a lot of character.

Dark Skies is certainly not a sample library with which a classical EDM producer can do much with it but more people who produce soundtracks for games, film and TV. Especially good is the library if you want to deepen certain moods in a movie. Also certainly exciting for experimental musicians who often look for suitable textures. Combining a few longer sounds from the Dark Skies library, you can quickly make very unusual sounds worlds.As in the other libraries, Zero-G has not provided an interesting Kontakt interface for this great library. Here you could tease more potential from this product (layering sounds, adding FX, different key ranges…)

Nonetheless, Dark Skies is a sample library with great-sounding soundscapes and developed with great attention to detail.

More information here: Zero-G Dark Skies 

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