Knobula Poly Cinematic, 8-voice poly synth in a Eurorack module

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Bye complexity, Knobula makes with its Poly Cinematic polyphony an easy task in Eurorack by packing an 8-voice synth voice in a module. 

Polyphony in Eurorack is associated with many different modules (oscillators, filters, envelopes …), an interface module, lots of cables, and precise programming. Definitely not for beginners or musicians on a budget.

Just recently, a new developer from London released a module that makes poly things easier. It simplifies the workflow by packing an entire synth voice with polyphony in a 12HP module.

Knobula Poly Cinematic

Knobula Poly Cinematic

Poly Cinematic is a digital poly synth in a compact, colorful Eurorack module (12HP). The developer uses color-coding here to divide the individual areas. I like it very much. The synth has an engine with up to 8 voices and 56 oscillators. You can play it monophonic with up to 56 voices via the CV/Gate inputs or polyphonically with the MIDI IN. The “gray” oscillator section has three different modes.

It can be either a 7-oscillator supersaw per voice (56 with 8 voices), 3-oscillator syncable wave-shaped square/pulse, or a 3-oscillator detuned tonewheel organ. Also here, you can find detune control with unison, 5th, and sub-octave sweet spots. Plus, you have an 8 chord memory function controlled by cv/gate.

The pink section is the built-in filter that includes three types: a lowpass, notch, and highpass. They have classic cutoff & resonance controls, an option to control the envelope depth and they adjust the key follow (off, half, full). In blue, you have an ADSR envelope with dedicated controls for the attack and release. Decay and sustain are controlled with a single knob. Further, there is also a reverb effect processor at the bottom in the dark gray area. It outputs in stereo (L/R) but doesn’t offer CV connectivity.

No Presets

There are no presets or menus in the module. Thanks to the very intuitive interface, you can craft very quickly new sounds. Very hands-on and easy to understand that the color-coding

At first glance a very clever module with which you can easily bring polyphony into the Eurorack format. It is certainly not too extensive than 8 oscillators, 8 filters, etc. but much more space-saving, more accessible, and cheaper.

Knobula Poly Cinematic will be available in September for £320.00. 

More information here: Knobula 

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