Vector Synth 2.5, Improved Crossfading, New Preset Browser & More

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The unique digital Vector Synth has just received a firmware update 2.5 with a new crossfading formula, reworked preset browser & more.

I love experimental synthesizers. But above all electronic instruments that try to bring synhts to the fore. These should not only discover new sound corners but also offer new concepts including futuristic interfaces, new layouts, etc.

One of my favorites last year was the Vector Synth from two young developers from the Czech Republic and Ireland.  Vector Synth combines advanced digital vector synthesis with an eye-catching touch interface. Thanks to this it is possible to bend, morph or take your sound on an intergalactic journey with your fingers. Intergalactic because the engine uses orbits to make vector synthesis.

Vector Synth 2.5

Today, the developers published a new update that makes Vector Synth more solid.

Vector Synth 2.5

Anyone who follows the progress of Vector Synth will notice how much work and effort the developers put into the device. Each new update makes it more beautiful and mature. I like this a lot. In firmware 2.5, the developers have updated and improved the synth in many areas. Vector Synth 2.5 intros modified mixing curves for the corners.

“the reason is that most of the time, the Orbiter is moving around the center and reaches the outermost edges only rarely. Using an S-shape mixing curve results in a weaker center, so the changes in timbre are more dramatic — no need to go all the way to a corner for that corner to dominate. It’s useful to think of it like increasing contrast on a picture.”

Then you get a brand new preset browser in firmware 2.5 that now splits into two categories, has more capacity for user presets and a better layout.

Further, you can benefit from a tempo sync mode that persistent system settings. Plus, many unwanted bugs has been fixed by the team

  • Fixed the chorus Stereo switch bug
  • a bug with Poly Mode not always showing the proper controls
  • Increased hitbox size for some UI elements
  • Other bugfixes and tweaks

The VS journey continues. With the 2.5 update, the synth become even cleaner and more ready. I’m already looking forward to what’s coming in the future, especially in the upcoming update 3.0

The new firmware 2.5 for the Vector Synth is available as a free download. You can update it with a LAN cable or via a USB flash drive. Vector costs 940€ and the shop re-opens on March 5th, 2021.

More information here: VS

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