Sequential Prophet-6 & OB-6 Updates Bring MPE Support & Vintage Operation

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Sequential expands its analog polysynths Prophet-6 and OB-6 with MPE support and vintage operations in the latest OS updates. 

Update: the official firmware is available now as a download for all Prophet-6 and OB-6 users.

The Sequential Prophet-6 and OB-6 are modern classics. The OB-6 in particular is one of my favorite synthesizers, as it enriches the classic, fat Oberheim sound with modern features. Today both synthesizers get big updates at the same time. However, these are only in beta.

There are two big new features. Both synthesizers receive a vintage operation mode that is based on the vintage knob idea. This is comparable with function in the Sequential Prophet-5 and Prophet-10. On top, they now support MPE (MIDI polyphonic expression). This expands the sonic possibilities of both synths significantly.

Sequential Prophet-6 MPE

Sequential Prophet-6 OS 1.6.7

The new Prophet-6 OS 1.6.7 is compatible with both the Prophet-6 keyboard and desktop module. It brings MPE support and the slop now supports normal slop or vintage operation. The second is inspired by the Prophet-5/-10 vintage knob. It emulates the slight fluctuations and differences in the response times and frequencies of the VCOs, filters, envelopes, and amps from voice to voice found in the vintage unit. With the vintage operation, you can dial in some lovely old-school randomness for a more warm, organic, and alive character.

Sequential OB-6 OS 1.6.7

The features of the OB-6 OS 1.6.7 do not differ from the Prophet-6 update. It also comes with MPE support and the new vintage operation mode.

Official Release Notes

  • Support for MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression). This enables the Prophet-6 and OB-6 to respond to MPE-driven controllers such as the LinnStrument, Expressive E Osmose, Roli Seaboard series, and others.
  • Prophet-5 Rev 4-style “vintage” mode. This gives the Prophet-6 and OB-6 a looser, more organic sound that emulates the behavior of vintage synthesizers where the behavior of individual oscillators, filters, and envelopes vary from voice to voice.
  • Improved aftertouch curves for enhanced expressiveness when using the Prophet-6 and OB-6’s own keyboard.

Both updates are very nice and open up a new level of expressiveness and sonic flexibility on both synths.

The new Sequential Prophet-6 & OB-6 updates are available now as a free download.

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