Fractal Filters & MOD-CV8, Two New Free Must-Have Max For Live Devices

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Download two great free Max For Live devices: Fractal Filters a 50-band “image” filterbank by Dillon Bastan and MOD-CV8, an 8 slot LFO to CV generator by Suzuki Kentaro.

I’ve been using Ableton Live for a long time. Recently I finally bought a Push 2 with which I will hopefully dive deeper into the world of Live. Thanks for your support in making this purchase possible. One reason why I am always excited about Live is the deep implementation of the modular environment MAX. In this case, it’s Max For Live.

If you have a license for M4L or the suite version, you can enjoy tons of free or commercial Live devices made with Max including synths, effects, MIDI sequencers, and more. Since I’m a big fan of this community, I often report about new M4L releases. Two new free devices have recently been released that I don’t want to reserve for you.

Fractal Filters

Dillon Bastan Fractal Filters

The first Max For Live device comes from Dillon Bastan, known to some for his other great free devices for its commercial Iota granular Synthesizer. Fractal Filters is a unique 50-band filterbank that uses visualization of Julia Set fractal to create a set of amplitudes. It takes a slice of a 2D image (either single row or column) and uses that list of values as the filterbank amplitudes. You can run either noise (white/pink) or any audio input through the filterbank. Then, you have a low & high-frequency control, and the Q of the filters can go very high to more experimental timbres.

Additionally, you get a scale and tuning functionality with Scala files support for the filterbank. The developer recommends using the device with modulators otherwise it will have no dynamics. An interesting approach for a filterbank and the results are very unique. Certainly a powerful sound design tool.

Suzuki Kentaro MOD-CV8

The second comes from Suzuki Kentaro. Some will be familiar with this developer. He recently published LFO-Sketch, a free M4L that generates LFO shapes from drawings. Today, he shared a very clever utility tool that converts Ableton Live modulation/automation signals into CV signals. You have 8 slots that can be freely mapped to modulation parameters.

Both are must-haves in my opinion. Fractal Filters device is a free download but you purchase it, Dillon will donate 100% of the money to various causes. That’s a nice gesture. Suzuki Kentaro new MOD-CV8 is also a free download.

More information here: Dillon Bastan   Suzuki Kentaro

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