Bright Sparks Synthesizer Documentation, Now Available As A Free Stream

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Bright Sparks, Dave Spiers’ documentation that looks back on the legendary synthesizers and their developers is now available as a free stream on YouTube.

For those who have already watched all of the Netflix/Amazon series, YouTube synth reviews … during the last lockdown, there is now fresh content.

Gforce has today released the Bright Sparks Synthesizer documentation, initially released published as an on-demand stream, now for free on YouTube.

Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks Synthesizer Documentation

Bright Sparks is a documentation about synthesizers by and for synthesizer lovers. The producer is none other than Dave Spiers from Gforce Software. It looks back on the companies, makers, and their legendary instruments. The film delves into the passion of these engineers each driven to design instruments matching their sonic vision in much the same way as any artist or musician is driven to create.

This feature-length documentary profiles eight companies with interviews and commentary from; I Monster, Herb Deutsch, Michelle Moog-Koussa, Alan R Pearlman, Dennis P Colin, Peter Zinovieff, Ken Freeman, John Bradley, Fred Gardner, Alessandro Cortini, Daniel Miller, Will Gregory, Adrian Utley, Rick Smith, Karl Hyde, Billy Currie, Chris Cross, and Dave Spiers.

For me, this type of documentation is an important resource for the future. They tell us about the synthesizer pioneers and their visions. Especially in times, where Behringer is cloning all known vintage synthesizers, it is more important than ever to know the original developers of these instruments. These synthesizers are so famous today because they made history, were innovative, and are responsible for where the market is today.

Gforce Software will publish the documentation in small pieces throughout February. Part 1 (Bright Sparks A-Side) with a running time of 1 hour 7 min is now available. Next Thursday, February 18h, the B Side of Bright Sparks (1hr 2 mins) will also be published on YouTube as a free stream.

I watched the documentation a few months ago and can only recommend it. An absolute must-see for synth geeks. In a little over two hours, you get a deep insight into the world of synthesizers and their developers. A historical work that every lover of vintage but also modern electronic instruments should look at.

More information here: Gforce Software

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