Instruo Gives Away Ports Of Its Popular Eurorack Modules For VCV Rack

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Instruo virtualized its existing Eurorack range for VCV rack, giving it away for Christmas, and brings modular joy to everyone.

Wow, the music tech world is on fire just before Christmas 2020. After the Arturia Chorus Jun6, AudioThing Texture, there is another must-have gift for you. This time for modular users.

The Scottish Eurorack manufacturer has teamed up with Andrew Belt of VCV Rack and virtualized its current range of lovely black/gold modules. The better is the news that these modules are free for everyone. I am very happy to have these virtual versions of these beauties, as I am a big fan of these modules myself. They are innovative, deep, and hands-on. Everything that is important to me about modules. So far, unfortunately, none in my current setup, but hopefully soon.

Instruo VCV Rack

Instruo VCV Rack

Instruo has shared 17 modules for VCV Rack. This release includes:

  • Cš-L (Complex Oscillator)
  • harmonàig (Diatonic Harmonic Quantiser)
  • arbhar (Granular Audio Processor)
  • Lúbadh (Dual Looper)
  • troika (triple oscillator)
  • tràigh (ladder filter)
  • cèis (ADSR)
  • incâ (VCA)
  • tòna (oscillator)
  • Tš-L (oscillator)
  • tanh (3 channel waveshaper, limiter, overdrive, and feedback controller)
  • I-ō47 (multimode filter)
  • athrú (wavefolder)
  • f (voltage generator)
  • tágh (Sample & Hold)
  • øchd (8 LFOs)
  • tàin (bi-directional switch)
  • lìon (matrix mixer)
  • saïch  (quad oscillator)

arbhar and Lúbadh are not yet available for VCV Rack, they will be released later.

Free Gift Vs Clever Marketing

Getting started with modular synthesis has never been easier than in 2019/2020. VCV Rack is responsible for this and is extremely popular. This is not a Christmas wonder. It offers the fun of Eurorack synthesizers in software form without large financial investments. VCV Rack is for everyone, rich or poor, everyone can play with it. As a result, the entry into modular synthesis has clearly shifted in your very open direction. Modular especially vintage synths like the Moog Modular etc. was for the elite in the past, today everyone can discover them.

VCV Rack is not only a platform that brings everyone close to modular synthesis but also a brilliant, simple marketing tool for small Eurorack manufacturers. With this technology, manufacturers can offer customers a kind of demo version of the actual hardware. According to the motto try before buy. Modularists can first try out the modules virtually, learn the module, and decide whether it really fits into the existing hardware setup. Also, it’s a clever way to make the modules and their developers better known. The community talks about such VCV rack modules and thus the interest increases. The gesture Instruo made here for Christmas is fantastic, the marketing value is great too.

Thank you Instruo for this Christmas gift and opportunity to explore your lovely modules. It’s another big step forward for VCV Rack.

More information here: VCV Rack 

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  1. That’s awesome, thank you for revealing this. Merry Christmas and thank you for all this year of synth anatomy. Well done !

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