Akai Pro MPC 2.9/Force 3.0.6 Updates Introduce New Drum Synth Engine

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Akai Pro takes its MPC series and Force in firmware 2.9/3.0.6 to the next level with a new drum synth engine that significantly expands the sound horizon.

Akai Pro got off to a difficult start with its new MPC range. Lots of bugs, unfinished software, etc. This has changed a lot recently. There were many updates, many new features, and a product lineup that is now convincing. Just recently, the company released the long-awaited arranger mode which was a big step forward DAWless music production.

Now there is another update that makes the MPC lineup and Force even more interesting. The new MPC firmware 2.9 (Force 3.0.6) introduces a brand-new drum synth engine that brings advanced drum synthesis functions to the devices. That means you are not necessarily dependent on samples to program drum patterns. One advantage of such engines is the ability to craft your own drum timbres from scratch. 

Akai MPC 2.9

Akai Pro MPC 2.9 / Force 3.0.6

The DrumSynth engine uses a multi-synth sound generator architecture powered by FM synthesis, physical & analog modeling, and sample-based algorithms. The “plugin” features 8 individual instances (Kick, Snare, Clap, Toms, Percussion, Hi-Hat, Crash and Ride), each with its own unique sound generator combination to deliver dynamic drum and percussion sounds.

You can fine-tune synthesized drum sounds further with a selection of different effects and processors. Transient shaper, tuning, EQ, compression, reverb, and delay gives you a lot of freedom to customize your sounds. Add further character with multiple processing textures within each sound engine. Users can even access all 8 engines in multi-mode where sounds can be mixed and balanced against each other and saved as a custom user preset. A big step forward in my opinion and I think the devices are now selling even better.

Disk Streaming?

But where is the disk streaming that many users are waiting for? Will that still come? Akai Pro hasn’t said any updates on this yet.


  • Build and design any synthesised drum sound
  • Powerful sound generators driven by completely new FM synthesis, analogue & physical modelling, and sample-based algorithms
  • 8 Individual Engines: Kick, Snare, Clap, Percussion, Tom, Crash, Hi Hat, and Ride
  • Built-in sound effects, including Transient Shaper, Tuning, EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb and more
  • Multi-Mode to access all 8 engines simultaneously
  • Save and store your designs to user presets

Akai Pro MPC firmware 2.9 (Force 3.0.6) is available now as a free download.

More information here: Akai Pro

BTW: the MPC Live II is on sale for 999€ instead of 1149 for Black Friday.

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  1. need a force 2 , with more memory, faster chip, nvme support, bigger/more responsive flip up screen and/or hdmi/dp out, more synth engines, graphic equaliser or fx, visual eq , maybe some mastering presets, less annoying midi implementation, more rendering options, way better bluetooth support
    the list goes on but you get the idea
    at least since arranger and the new drumsynth, its at least as it was advertised way back when
    its a beast now, but with a little update it would be king

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