Behringer RD-9 Drum Machine & RD-8 Firmware Update Are Almost Here

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Behringer officially announces that the RD-8 firmware is in the public beta stage and a release is just around the corner which also applies to the RD-9 drum machine.

Behringer RD-9, the analog clone of the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine, is still not available to buy. The pending release date has a reason: the RD-9 uses the same or a very similar firmware as the RD-8, the clone of the Roland TR-808 drum machine. Since this last firmware had problems, the Behringer team decided to completely rewrite it. This automatically delays the release of the RD-9.

One can see that designing firmware for several products can optimize costs and accelerate the development, but it can also lead to problems like in the case of the upcoming Behringer RD-9. They have today announced that the development is in the final phase and that they are currently looking for public beta testers. If the beta version proves to be stable, the RD-9 will also be released. This is good news for RD-8 users and the musicians waiting for the RD-9.

Behringer RD-9

Behringer Writes

RD-8 firmware 2.0 is now almost ready. This week we will be starting the public beta testing and hence like to invite 20 interested beta testers to participate.
Please send you an application to together with your name, email address, unit serial number and a quick description if you’re a producer, live DJ or hobby musician. We will then select 20 testers and reach out to you.
Once the firmware is fully tested and final, we’ll be releasing the RD-9 drum machine shortly after. Thanks for all your support and patience.

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