Amazon Now Sells Low-Cost Guitar Pedals Unter Its Own Amazon Basics Line

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Amazon is now selling its own entry-level guitar pedals for $24.99 each under the Amazon Basics lineup and it turns out that the online giant did not develop these itself

The guitar pedal market is as diverse as that of Eurorack modules. New ones are added almost every day. From very expensive and noble to spot cheap, everything is included. Behringer, Donner.. have the cheap sector in their hands. Pedals for 20€ are not uncommon. Another dares now in the cheap segment, one of which one did not expect

Amazon has entered the market and now offers cheap guitar pedals as well under its own Amazon Basics brand. Additionally, they offer well-known accessories such as guitar stands, cables, straps, etc.

Amazon Basics Guitar Pedals

Amazon Basics Guitar Pedals

There are currently 7 Amazon Basics Guitar Pedals on sale. A booster, compressor, delay, distortion, looper, overdrive, tuner. They are very simple and especially beginners will enjoy these pedals. Selling pedals under your own is nothing new. Harley Benton, Fame … just to name a few are pedal brands from Thomann or

However, it is strange to see that Amazon who deals less with musical instruments is now entering the pedal business. You know that the music-making device market is more of a niche than a big market. But since Amazon advocates the idea of offering everything, it makes more sense to me. One can only wonder when the first Amazon Basics Synthesizer hits the market. I think it would sell very well even if the big Jeff doesn’t have the best reputation among musicians as you can hear.

Re-Branded Pedals

The first YouTubers from the USA have jumped on the new Amazon Basics Pedal and published their first reviews. In terms of sound, they can convince even if they are nothing special. But the inside is more interesting. According to Gear Gods, Amazon has commissioned the pedals from the Chinese manufacturer NUX. The built-in PCBs clearly shows this. NUX is known for solid pedals at a good price-performance factor. For guitarists, these can be interesting, for synthesis players less.

For me, it’s interesting to see that Jeff Bezos’ consumption temple is now offering its own pedals. There is no information on whether Amazon will expand this offer in the future. I will be keeping an eye on it for sure.

The Amazon Basics Guitar Pedals are now exclusively available on for $24.99 USD each.

More information here: Amazon 

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  1. Lmao, that picture…they are don’t even know how to route pedals. We got the Walmart of synth makers with Behringer and now we get the Dollar Store of pedal makers with Amazon. WTF is happening to this industry, stop catering to these poor ass scrubs, music is already over saturated with so much shitty music nowadays.

    • I miss the good old days when everything was ludicrously expensive. Now we have all these cheap options in addition to the expensive options? Give me a break, poor people shouldn’t be allowed to make music (in case it wasn’t obvious by, this is sarcasm. Having dirt cheap alternatives to professional gear is a net win for music creators in general, even if the pro gear is significantly better)

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