PikoPiko Factory Prophet-Mini, Battery-Powered Pro-5 Synthesizer Is In The Works

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PikoPiko Factory from Japan is working on the Prophet-Mini, a shrunken & mobile version of the Sequential Prophet 5 with 4 voices, onboard battery…

After the Pro-1 and now Pro-800, many Synthesizer friends are waiting for the Behringer Pro-5, a clone of the Sequential Prophet 5. It is not yet known when this will be announced. There may be competition now from Japan. A still unknown company called PikoPiko Factory published pictures of the Prophet Mini today on Twitter.

On the photos, we can see an instrument that is very reminiscent of the original Sequential Prophet 5 Synthesizer. For me, it looks like someone put it in the shrink machine. The Prophet-Mini looks very compact and cute, to be honest. But one has to ask oneself whether this is a real instrument or not. Since the Japanese come up with the most special ideas, it can also be just a toy for children.

PikoPiko Factory Prophet-Mini

If you take a closer look at the tweet, you can read in the translation: “the circuit of the legendary famous instrument is downsized as it is! PikoPiko Factory’s first synth work “Prophet-mini”. It will have an analog circuitry, 4-voice of polyphony, 37 mini keys, MIDI, batter-powered, speakers, and shoulder play possible. So it can be used as a Prophet keytar.

What I like very much are the authentic buttons and knobs that the developer uses here. Very Prophet-5 Like.

PikoPiko Factory Prophet-Mini

On the interface, you can also see that it can save presets, built-in effects, and has an arpeggiator and sequencer onboard.

PikoPiko Factory Prophet-Minii

On the back there is classic MIDI In, MIDI Out, DC input, and a stereo (left/right) output. No connections for modular synths like CV or Gate.

Prophet Mini

A very nice and cute Synthesizer. It is interesting that the developer relies on mobility, i.e. built-in battery, and speaker. So you have to ask yourself whether it will be a sound toy or a real instrument. This remains unanswered until the first sound demos come. This could be a demo but not sure.

According to the tweet, PikoPiko Factory will exhibit a working Prophet-Mini prototype on the MFTokyo2020.

More information here: PikoPiko Factory

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