Arturia 3 Modulation FX: Three Classics Expanded With Modern Features

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Arturia has revived three iconic FX as a plugin in their new 3 Modulation FX you’ll actually use bundle that includes Dimension D, Mu-Tron Bi-Phase & Bel BF-20 flanger.

Arturia is very active at the end of summer. After the nice MicroFreak vocoder update on Tuesday, there is fresh food for plugin lovers today. No new synthesizer but three new modulation FX plugins. The new bundle features three classic effect processors virtualized for your DAW and upgraded with modern features.

It includes emulations of the Roland Dimension D SSD-320 chorus, the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase phaser & the Bel BF-20 stereo flanger initial designed by former Genesis guitarist Mick Barnard.

arturia 3 modulation fx

Chorus Dimension D

The Chorus Dimension-D is an emulation of the iconic, bucket-brigade-based Roland Dimension D SSD-320 rack mount chorus initially released in the 1980s. It’s not just a virtualization of the original unit, Arturia expanded it with new LFO waveforms for stereo movement, a stereo width control and four settings for the BBD warmth. On top, it also offers a dry/wet mix knob.

I had the opportunity to look at all three new plugins, I took a closer look at the Dimension D chorus, which sounds very nice. Here is a sound demo of it.

Phaser Bi-Tron

The second new modulation FX plugin is the Phaser Bi-Tron which is a software recreation of the famous Mu-Tron Bi-Phase pedal. It offers two separate phaser lines and two LFOs called sweep generators. A nice improvement is here that Arturia’s version lets you change the phaser stages from two to up 12 poles for each unit. The original consisted only of two 6-stage phasers.

Further, each phaser offers depth controls for both LFOs, configurable routings, and a virtual expression pedal on the left side of the interface for live tweaking. In my opinion, Arturia has nicely expanded and made this well-known pedal in the virtual version more versatile.

Flanger BL-20

Last but not least we have the Flanger BL-20 which is a recreation of the Bel BF-20 Stereo Flanger from the 70s which was designed by former Genesis guitarist Mick Bernard. The plugin is equipped with many different modulation sources for creating a wide range of flanger sounds. It includes LFO (auto), envelope (internal/external), and manual. All this is topped by a function generator which we know from other plugins (Pigments, Matrix-12 filter…) that enables complex modulations and a BBD warmth settings. Also here, nice additions to a classic effect processor.

Arturia 3 FX Modulation bundle is available now for an introductory price of $149 USD until September 13, 2020. Individual plugins cost $99 USD. Please check your Arturia user account for crossgrades & upgrades. They are compatible with Windows & macOS and are available in VST, VST3, AU, AAX plugin formats.

More information here: Arturia 

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