Kraftwerk Co-Founder & Electronic Music Pioneer Florian Schneider Passed Away

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Today Florian Schneider, co-founder of the German band Kraftwerk and a true pioneer of electronic music, left us at the age of 73. RIP 

A sad day for electronic music. Florian Schneider, co-founder of the pionieering electro band Kraftwerk, died today at the age of 73. Schneider founded Kraftwerk with Ralf Hütter in 1970 and with their experimental music composition workflows, they quickly became one the most innovative bands.  This is a big loss for electronic music because Kraftwerk has shaped today’s music extremely. Not only that, but they were also one of the first bands to make machines sing.

His music was new, inspiring, and unique. Kraftwerk is one of those bands that have influenced me a lot in the musical field. RIP Florian Schneider, you have enriched our music world with Kraftwerk like no other band. Current people but also our next generation will be inspired by your rich music catalog full of masterpieces. The human-machine has stopped playing, but the music stays with us forever.

Florian Schneider

Mensch Machine

The legacy that Florian Schneider leaves behind is huge. Songs like Autobahn , Die Mensch Maschine, or Radioactivity are known by many. But there are also songs that were less in the spotlight. One is Neonlicht (Neonlight), which is one of my favorite Kraftwerk songs.


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