TomaTek Audio MMVCF, New Oberheim OB-Xa Based Analog Filter For Eurorack

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The Dutch manufacturer TomaTek Audio shows with the MMVCF, a new analog filter module for Eurorack that is based on the Oberheim OB-Xa (3320) circuit.

TomaTek Audio from the Netherlands has today introduced the MMVCF, a new 12dB/oct multimode analog filter for the Eurorack format. MMVCF is based on the AS3320 chip which is a reissue of the CEM3320 VCF chip which can be found in the Sequential Prophet 5, Pro-One, Oberheim OB-Xa or also Elka Synthex. More precisely, it’s the design of the OB-Xa but with several tweaks and improvements.

With 8HP, the module is relatively small, skiff-friendly and includes a wide range of features. On the faceplate, you have controls for cutoff, resonance, input gain, FM as well as resonance, each equipped with a CV input. The resonance and FM CV input also includes an attenuation function, the FM can also be switched to an attenuversion.

Tomatek Audio MMVCF

MMVCF Details

Thanks to an accurate temperature-compensated V/oct tracking and the self-oscillator ability, the filter can also be used as a sine wave oscillator. According to the developer, it can be played nicely over 6 octaves. On the front panel, you also have separate outputs for lowpass, notch, bandpass, and highpass.

TomaTek Audio also has built-in an input gain control with a soft-clipping circuit that kicks in at around 12o’clock setting, with typical Eurorack levels. Allowing for clean tones till unity-gain and soft-clipping and eventually hard-clipping the filter front-end at higher gain settings. When used in conjunction with a VCA before the filter, this will allow for a nice range of extra tones.

TomaTek Audio MMVCF is available now for 179€ (incl. VAT) from their Etsy shop. The module is delivered with everything you need (16-pin power cable, screws, and washers).

More information here: TomaTek Audio

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