Baby Audio Comeback Kid Plugin Is A Swiss Army Knife For Analog Style Delay Effects

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Baby Audio Comeback Kid is a kind of swiss army knife plugin for analog-style delay effects: clear, bright, characterful to dirty industrial.

Delay here, delay there. There are many delay effect plugins on the market. Many of them emulate certain hardware from the past. Baby Audio gives you with Comeback Kid a delay in your hand with which you can recreate the character of many in one single plugin.

Comeback Kid includes a powerful delay engine with 14 ‘one-knob effects” that each add their own unique character to your delays and echos. For example, you can degrade or saturate very quickly sounds. These effects give you a huge amount of sound sculpting possibilities. Well, that’s a lot of power but CK can be also a simple delay plugin equipped with a handy adaptive ducker onboard.

Babyaudio Comeback Kid

Good is here that the interface is very straightforward designed with no sub-menus or hidden features. So you can remain fast and creative.


  • BPM-synced modes: Straight, dotted, triplet. Free mode: 0.01 ms – 2500 ms. Ping-Pong option.
  • Lo-Cut + Hi-Cut: Tame your delays with analog-modeled filters.
  • Attack + Sustain: Sculpt your delays with flexible transient designers.
  • Cheap: Degrade your delays with a custom 11-bit signal path — modeled after vintage digital units.
  • Tape: Warm-up your delays with analog-style tape saturation.
  • Swirl: Add movement to your delays with an analog modeled phasing effect.
  • Sauce: Add space to your delays with a touch of algorithmic reverb.
  • Wider: Widen your delays through L/R time variations.
  • Richer: Add dimension to your delays through L/R pitch variations.
  • Pan: Place your delays in the stereo image.
  • Mono: Turn your delays into mono.
  • Ducker: Lower your delays when the dry signal is playing — for a cleaner, more modern mix.
  • Destiny: Leave your delays to destiny — for a less robotic, more human and unpredictable vibe.

Baby Audio Comeback Kid is available now for an introductory price of $29 USD in VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin format.

More information here: Baby Audio

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