Mutable Instruments Is Back At Work & Releases Marbles Super Lock Firmware

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After a break, Émilie Gillet from Mutable Instruments is back with a new Super Lock firmware for the Marbles module.

To be honest, there are moments that you’d rather forget, others would like to celebrate. One to celebrate is the good news that Émilie Gillet aka Mutable Instruments is back at work.

For a long time, there was very little information, which was absolutely understandable. Now she is back with a new firmware for the Marbles module. The new version is called the “Super Lock” Feature that allows you to do subtle variations or permutations in the melody by playing with the DEJA VU knob on the interface. Important is here that the rhythm remains constant, … or vice-versa.

Mutable Instruments Super Lock

Official Forum Post

How does it work? A long press on the t or X DEJA VU buttons locks the random generation for this section – which will stop responding to the DEJA VU knob. When a section is in this “super locked” state, the illuminated push-button blinks rapidly. Press it to bring it back to normal.

What is the point? Allow subtle variations or permutations in the melody (by playing with the DEJA VU knob) while the rhythm remains constant… or vice-versa!

In other words, the t and X section can be in these 3 states:

Illuminated push-button off: random without repetition (equivalent to DEJA VU set to the minimum).

Illuminated push-button on: randomness amount controlled by the DEJA VU knob.

Illuminated push-button rapidly blinking: loop without randomness (equivalent to DEJA VU locked to 12 o’clock).

I am very happy to hear that Émilie Gillet is back from her break. She is one of the smartest minds in the music tech world. A warm welcome back. She has not yet announced whether there are new modules, but we can hope. But don’t be in a hurry, we have time.

Mutable Instruments Marbles Super Lock Feature /firmware is available now as a free download from the official MI forum.

More information here: Mutable Instruments

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  1. This is great news! Ever since learning of the Plaits engine in Microfreak that she graciously published as open source, I’ve been looking to add Mutable modules to the new rack I just got.

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