Alright Devices Releases Zzzorb, A Multimode Filter With A Lot Of Style & Cleverness

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Alright Devices released Zzzorb today, a new 4-pole Eurorack filter with a very cute design that clashes with many clever functions 

The modules from Alright Devices have always been exciting from the start. You can fall in love with the lovely designed faceplates alone. Not only that, but also in the always nice selection of clever and handy features. Not to forget, these modules are affordable and sound great in my opinion.

Now they are back with another module with a cute design. Zzzorb combines a 4-pole multimode filter and linear VCA in a 10HP module. Here, too, the more interesting part is in the details: the module offers 5 simultaneous filter outputs and a built-in VCA for volume, tremolo or feedback self-modulation.

Alright Devices Zzzorb

Zzzorb has 5 filter types, each with its own output: highpass, bandpass, notch, two-pole lowpass and four-pole lowpass. Very commendable, often there is only one. It provides CV inputs and attenuverters for controlling the VCA level, filter resonance, and filter frequency. Additionally, it has a filter pitch CV input with a unipolar attenuator and if these are turned fully clockwise, the filter tracks in 1V/oct.

The developers make fast modulations possible here thanks to the normalization of the VCA CV to the filter frequency CV input. So you can modulate the filter cutoff and the VCA level at the same level. But of course, you can break this connection by connecting a patch cable to the VCA CV input.

Zzzorb looks very pretty and offers a nice sounding filter and many nice little extras. The module is available now for $230 USD and comes with a power cable and Befaco Knurlies M3 mounting screws.

More information here: Alright Devices

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