MCharmVerb, Simple & Lush Sounding Free Reverb Plugin (PC/Mac)

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MCharmVerb by Melda Production is a free reverb plugin for PC & Mac (VST/VST3/AU/AAX) based on the award-winning MTurboReverb engine.

In order for a company to remain in the market for a long time, not only must the products be good, but they also have loyal customers. At Melda Production, the support seems to be very large and to say thank you they decided to publish a new free reverb plugin called MCharmVerb.

It is another free reverb for PC & Mac with 64-bit support but one that sounds great and very lush. MCharmVerb is an algorithmic reverb based on the super flexible MTurboReverb engine developed by MeldaProduction. Everything is kept very simple, fewer features than the full version (endless reverb types…) but completely usable for your next music production.


Less Is More

As in their commercial plugins, it offers an advanced GUI engine that allows you to customize in the style, size and more. From vintage hardware to super futuristic. You can choose the colors and style of the GUI, making our plugins personal to you.

There is a clear message on the interface: keep everything simple and less is more. It offers reverb size, length, and pre-delay controls, along with dry/wet knob, a gain control, and the widening slider. The latter gives you to option to adjust the stereo width. Also onboard is a pair of filters (lowpass & highpass) plus tone controls for damp low and damp high which can be activated or not.

Nice, presets can be saved in the plugin but you can also build endless new ones with the random function. The plugin also includes input and output volume meters and tooltips for each control parameter.


Installation can be a bit tricky but will not be a problem for most. You need to download the latest MAudioPlugins installer from the MeldaProduction website. It includes all the plugins released by the company and also the new MCharmVerb. Here you can choose which you want to install on your computer. Important to know is that you don’t need to create a user account if you only want to use MP free plugins.

Melda Production MCharmVerb is available now free of charge for PC & Mac (VST, VST3, AU & AAX format).

More information here: Melda Production 

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