Futur3Soundz XFM2, Tiny But Versatile FM Synthesizer With 64-Voice Polyphony

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Futur3Soundz XFM2 is a super tiny but powerful FM Synthesizer with 64-voice polyphony, 2 parts and built-in effects for just $99 USD.

Tiny synth with a lot of synthesis power, more precisely frequency modulation. This is how the Indie Synthesizer project XFM can be described. Futur3Soundz, the developer of this project, is back with a new generation called XFM2 with almost four times the capacity of the previous one. XFM2 is a little module based on an FPGA chip that features a powerful 2 part FM Synthesizer with 64-voice with 6 operators and built-in effects.

The new version uses an upgraded 24-bit DAC chip with high-end output filters. The analog outputs have then greater dynamic range, higher S/N ratio, and lower distortion. Interesting is the design: this versatile FM synthesizer does not consist of large hardware, but of components that cost a total of $99. XFM2

The build is based on two pre-assembled development boards: the Digilent CMOD A7-35T (FPGA, USB, SRAM) and the Adafruit UDA1334A (DAC). This combination allows getting the module running in less than 10 components (about $99 total cost).

At first look, it offers an impressive amount of features for such a mini format synth. Our technology has come a long way considering how much space the Yamaha DX7 once took.


  • 2-part, 64-voice polyphony (32-voice for each part)
  • Polyphonic/Monophonic Legato modes
  • The two parts can work as individual synthesizers, or layered
  • 6 operators per voice
  • 2 independent oscillators on each operator
  • 8 waveforms per operator
  • Variable modulation algorithm (extended from XFM to allow for multiple feedback loops)
  • A 7-segment, loopable Envelope Generator for each operator (DAD1D2SR1R2, with time and level controls for each segment)
  • 7-segment loopable Pitch Envelope Generator
  • Per-voice LFO with Triangle, Square, Sine, Random waveforms
  • Per-operator adjustable LFO sensitivity for pitch and volume
  • Per-operator adjustable velocity tracking, keyboard tracking
  • Polyphonic /Monophonic portamento
  • Pitch bend range adjustable independently for up and down directions
  • Extensive MIDI implementation (pitch bend, mod wheel, aftertouch, sustain pedal, breath ctl, foot ctl, volume, pan, chorus, reverb, delay, tremolo, etc.)
  • Four per-program assignable Performance Controls, which allow any parameter to be controlled by MIDI continuous controls messages.
  • All synthesizer and effects parameters (300+) adjustable via MIDI system exclusive messages.
  • Two complete stereo-in/stereo-out effect processors (one per part), including decimator, bitcrusher, filter, chorus/flanger, phaser, amp modulator, delay.
  • All of above effects can be run simultaneously, for both parts
  • Stereo Reverb with individual sends per part
  • Arpeggiator
  • 128 programs memory (EEPROM)
  • MIDI in, optional thru
  • Samplerate-grade modulations
  • 24-bit stereo analog out
  • Optional Stereo, 24-bit SPDIF digital out
  • Battery friendly, low power operation
  • Fully programmable (connecting it to a PC via USB)
  • Nearly zero latency (< 0.5ms)
  • Extremely fast boot time (< 100ms)

More information here: Futur3Soundz

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