Simon Grab’s Love For Feedback Music & Why Musicians Should Abuse Their Techniques (Interview)

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Feedback music, making sounds with positive loop gains is the big love of the Swiss experimental musician Simon Grab, who gave me an overview of his work in a long interview.

How you make music is up to you. Instruments are tools than can generate sounds. These can be synthesizers, Eurorack systems, drum machines, guitars with pedals etc. What comes out there and how they sound depends on the musician but also on his technique.

Simon Grab, a Swiss musician shows that large analog mixing consoles can also be used as versatile instruments. This works when you turn feedback signals into music. In this process, he abuses the actual use of a mixer. He provokes the feedback loops that you want to prevent as a musician at concerts or in the studio. In his setup, he has full control over these and can shape them according to this mood. From quiet to brutally loud sound earthquakes.

Simon Grab

No Gear Fetish

Simon is not a gear fetish musician. He doesn’t buy instruments to admire them at home, but to use them. According to him, many have tons of devices at home that they have only discovered in a fraction. Before they explored them completely, they bought something new. Sending a Synthesizer intro a reverb pedal or module cannot be described as a discovery.

He recommends today’s musicians to fully discover the potentials of their wonderful developed instruments. Even if it maybe sounds strange or really crazy, that how you get to know your instruments. In the video Simon Grab interview, you can learn more about his way of thinking about gear and the Eurorack modular world.

More information here: Simon Grab


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