KORG Germany, A New Division For “Things That Matter” Led By Tatsuya Takahashi

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Tatsuya Takahashi, former mastermind of Korg is back and forms with Maximilian Rest a new development division in Berlin called Korg Germany

Tatsuya and Maximilian are no strangers to the industry.  The first was responsible for many analog Korg synthesizers (Korg ARP Odyssey, MS-20 Kit…) in recent years, while Maximilian, among others, developed the E-RM Multiclock or the new, innovative Polygogo Eurorack oscillator.

It is currently not clear how much they are involved in the current Korg instrument development or whether it is more a facility where new technologies are researched and where the upcoming Synthesizer developers are encouraged. One thing is certain, Tats is back at Korg and that will please many people. Plus, we certainly won’t see classic developments from either. Since then, both have stood for exciting and innovative creations. Max’s latest development, the Polygogo Oscillator, which celebrated its premiere at Superbooth 19, clearly shows his talent and will for innovation.

Further, they say that their instruments will be developed not only by the core team (Tats, Max…) they are building, but also through per project partnerships and collaborations. That sounds super exciting because so certain brilliant heads work hand in hand on products. Better like a semi-finished product that doesn’t work as it should. With Korg, they have a strong company behind them that always stands for innovation, see the digital multi-engine from Etienne Noreau-Hebert.  Their first posting on Instagram shows that they take it seriously: “for maximal building, minimal bullshit”. More clearly is the official statement:

this is a company run by engineers. Building, experimenting, inspiring ideas through openness and curiosity is at the heart of what we do. We will only market the things that matter, because the key to our way of great business is to respect each other as humans and the resources of our planet. With KORG Germany, we are about to set up an amazing playground to explore these ideas, with rules we shape ourselves. We are ready to break out of the habits of usual business and challenge us to execute it all in a more sustainable way.”

Korg Germany

Participate in the Korg Germany project

Tats and Max are not the only people who will work in the new Korg Germany company. They are currently looking for employees in many areas who would like to work and collaborate with them. They are currently looking for employees in the area office, mechanical, electrical, software…

I am sure that there are a lot of creative people on the market right now who are looking for a new challenge, especially in Berlin. I’m thinking of ex-Native Instruments employees per example. It will certainly be worthwhile to see what new products will be created there. Exciting times.

More information here: KORG Germany


    • It’s a research laboratory. So if they will have something ready, I’m pretty sure Korg will show it.

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