Bitwig Studio 3.1 Features Wavetable Import, Micro Tuning & More

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Bitwig today announced Bitwig Studio 3.1, an update for their digital audio workstation that will include wavetable import for the sampler, micro tuning support and much more.

The developers of Bitwig keep their promise with many interesting updates. Active users of the upgrade plan will also be pleased. One of the highlights is the micro-pitch, a new note fx device that allows you to re-tune your note streams in new ways. Fine-tune individual notes, transform scales, shrink/expand octaves… just to say a few of the clever functions of it. Plus, you can load Scala (SCL) files into the micro-pitch devices, or explore the built-in presets.

Another highlight is the wavetable support for the sampler device, which brings wavetable synthesis to Bitwig Studios. Also new grid modules will be included in the update 3.1: pluck, slope up, slope down, follower and transpose. A nice and feature-rich update for Bitwig 3.

Bitwig Studio 3.1

New Features

  • New device: Micro-pitch
  • New modulator: Pitch-12
  • New Grid modules: Pluck, Slope up, Slope down, Follower, Transpose
  • Interactive Help view is coming to all Bitwig devices
  • Quick Draw, Quick Slice and Slice in Place
  • Note Chase
  • Cue Volume and Mix controls
  • Sampler imports standard wavetable WAVs
  • Improved tempo detection for audio files
  • New controller scripts and Bitwig controller scripts are now open-source

Bitwig Studio 3.1 is now in the beta testing phase. If you have a Bitwig Studio license with an active Upgrade Plan you’ll find the beta installers in your user profile. The new update is expected to release in the next few weeks.

More information here: Bitwig 

Bitwig Studio 3 is available at our partner

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