Anthology Libraries Add Sounds Of Over 40 Vintage Drum Machines To IK Multimedia’s Uno Drum

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Uno Drum Anthology Libraries extends the sound spectrum of the smart IK Multimedia drum machine with sounds from 40 vintage drum computer for free.

Now you can replace the supplied PCM samples of the UNO Drum and replace them with new ones, but only those of the Anthology libraries. However, the existing groove, etc. will not be overwritten. It’s a free download and feature 10 different volumes, each packed with PCM sounds from 4 different vintage drum machines. In total, you get sounds from more than 40 drum machines from different eras.

In addition, each library offers new enhancements derived from the sounds of a vintage 4-piece drum kit, for further tonal variety. The developers studied each piece of gear to capture its most recognizable sounds and then added new elements for even more flexibility and convenience. According to IK Multimedia, these are not 1:1 recreations, they are IK’s homage to the classics.

Uno Drum Anthology

This is a huge amount of new sounds for this compact and smart drum machine from Italy. This improves massively the sound possibilities and it gives you now a portable vintage drum machine in your hands. Not to forget, there is also a flexible analog side.

With the current price of just over € 200, the Uno Drum has now become much more interesting with the latest update.

These 10 Anthology Libraries Includes

  • Anthology Library 1Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-2L®, Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-6®, Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-7L®, Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-8®
  • AL 2: Hammond Auto-Vari 64®, Wurlitzer Sideman®, Univox Drum Machines®, Columbia CRB-81 Rhythm Box®
  • AL 3: Korg KPR-77®, Korg KR-55®, Keio (Korg) MiniPops®, Panasonic RD-9844®
  • AL 4: Roland CR-78®, Roland CR-5000®, Roland CR-8000®, Roland TR-77®
  • AL 5Roland TR-606®, Roland TR-808®, Roland TR-909®, Roland TR-33®
  • AL 6: Lell Rototom®, Maxon DS200®, Star Instruments Synare 3®, Formanta UDS®
  • AL 7: Simmons SDS 8®, Simmons SDS V®, TAMA TS-204®, TAMA TS305®
  • AL 8: Jomox XBase 09®, MFB 502®, MFB 522®, Sound Master SR-88®
  • AL 9: Regal Rhythm RE 175®, Normad Rhythm Maker 16®, Unitra Eltra RYTM 16®, Multivox Rhythm Ace FR6M®
  • AL 10: BOSS DR-110®, Realistic Concertmate Electronic Accompanist/Metronome®, Delptronics LDB-1®, ELI CR-7030®

The Drum Anthology Libraries for UNO Drum is a free download for registered UNO Drum users via library updaters on the IK Multimedia website.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

UNO Drum is available at our partners

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