Behringer Crave & Pro-1 Analog Synthesizers Are Now In Production

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Behringer Crave & Pro-1 (Sequential Pro-One clone), two analog Synthesizers with full Eurorack compatibility are now in production and will be available very soon 

It’s 909 day and many of you were hoping for news from the Behringer RD-09 (RD-909) analog drum machine but no. Instead, they announced two major updates to synthesizers we have been waiting for. Behringer has announced that both synthesizers (Pro-1 & Crave) are now in production. On further photos, you can see the tests that each device goes through as well as the first pallets on which the first batch is located.

Remember: Already in 2018, Behringer had announced the Pro-1, a clone of the well-known Sequential Pro-One Synthesizer. Later on at the NAMM 2019 event, they showed for the first time the Crave, a new analog Synthesizer with a built-in sequencer and a massive patch bay for just 149€/$199 USD. That took a long time.

Behringer Pro-1 Behringer Crave Behringer Pro-1 Production Testing Behringer Crave Production 1 Behringer Crave Production 2 Behringer Pro-1 Production
Behringer Pro-1

Behringer wrote on Facebook: So today is 909 and we know what you’re expecting. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you. But…… but we might be able to make you happy with this:-) We’re have officially started production!

Behringer Crave & Pro-1 will be available very soon. Crave will be available for 149€/$199 USD and Pro-1 probably for 299€ (to be confirmed).

More information here: Behringer

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