Mister M, A Portable Bi-Timbral Wave Player With Built-In Sound Design Features

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Mister M is a portable bi-timbral wave player with built-in sound design features and the ability to load wave files on two layers from an SD card.

Gilles Lacaud released the HANSY1010 hybrid Synthesizer in 2018, which was funded a year earlier as Kickstarter. Now the developer is launching a new product. Mister M is not a synth, not a sampler, not a rompler but a portable bi-timbral wave player with advanced features. Mister M offers two layers with a split or dual-mode with up to 14-voices of polyphony.

Samples can be loaded in very easily via an SD card. With the internal sound engine, you can loop the sample, change the playback speed or also add a background texture with the internal sound generator. It includes also an AD (attack/release) envelope and velocity for the two layers. In my opinion, Mister M is a nice wave player who can be very helpful in certain situations.

Mister M


  • 14-voices of polyphony
  • 2 layers
  • split or dual-mode
  • 100 setup
  • more than 80 stereo sounds (44.1kHz/16 bits)
  • loop sample on/off
  • background sound generator
  • click and pop generator
  • half speed
  • sound balance
  • vibrato and tremolo
  • attack and release for two layers
  • velocity amount for the two layers
  • mod-wheel and aftertouch routing
  • pitch-bend
  • MIDI In & Out (Soft Thru)
  • MIDI Dump In & ut
  • 3 sound banks included
  • 320x 240 2,4″ touchscreen
  • 4 encoders and 4 push buttons
  • external power supply included
  • SD card included
  • switch on/off
  • size 240-102-45 mm
  • weight 750g

Mister M is available now as a DIY Kit or as assembled version. The PCB Kit with no components starts at 40€, the DIY Model mount for 180€ and the assembled version 260€. The prices exclude shipping.

More information here: Gilles Lacaud Website

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