Signal Zirkus 021 Interviews: 4 Artists, Each With A Very Own Synthesizer Live Setup

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Signal Zirkus is a platform in Vienna for musicians using at least one electronic musical instrument as the main sound source on stage. This can be a Synthesizer, a drum machine, a PureData patch or an iPad. The goal is to get people out of their natural habitats and, obviously their comfort zone and to give musicians a live stage in front of an audience.

At the last Signal Zirkus 021, we welcomed 4 different artists, each one with a different music style. In order to give the audience an added value, I briefly talk to the artists about their music influences or their live setup before the concerts.

Signal Zirkus 021

Miles Matrix

Miles Matrix is an electronic musician based in Vienna who has jumped into the cold water this evening. He describes himself as a classic bedroom producer and mainly produces Synthwave/Synthpop inspired music by the 80s.

Neon Drama

Neon Drama is an electronic musician from Vienna which is also known as DJ Darksider. He describes his music as Synthwave which is heavily inspired by Jean Michel Jarre, Acid tracks & more.

Crystal Schröder

Crystal Schröder is an electronic musician from Vienna who creates a wide range of different music styles including techno, experimental, noise & more. For the Signal Zirkus 021, Christian revisited the best-known Autechre MIDI files with the help of his Elektron Machine Drum and a self-designed PureData patch.

Mario 64

Mario 64 is an electronic musician from Vienna who performed also at Signal Zirkus 021.  His music is strongly influenced by chiptune sounds but also by classic Acid and Techno compositions. An important part of his setup is the Commodore 64 that has shaped him as much as he does music today.

Are you curious now or do you even want to play yourself at the Signal Zirkus? Then visit the official website or on Facebook. The next Signal Zirkus (022) will take place tomorrow (Tuesday 25 June) in the Rhiz bar in Vienna. We are looking forward to your visit

More information here: Signal Zirkus 

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