Novation Released Circuit 1.8 Firmware Update With Non-Quantised Recording & More

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Novation has today updated Circuit Groovebox to firmware update 1.8 with four new features. It comes now with non-quantised recording, synth micro-step editing, pre-note velocity tracking, and assignable MIDI channels. This update expands the possibilities a lot of the Circuit and is again a free update.

Novation Circuit 1.8

The next stage in the ongoing development of Circuit, the firmware v1.8 update adds four new features to our all-in-one groovebox that are sure to benefit every producer’s creative workflow.

Non-quantised recording

The ability to record ‘off the grid’ has long been one of the most requested features by Circuit users, and now, with firmware v1.8, you can capture synth and drum tracks directly to micro steps, representing even your most rhythmically complex ideas in all their atemporal glory. From wonky Dilla-style beats and quick-fire fills to authentic-sounding strums and beyond, non-quantised recording takes Circuit to new heights of musicality.

Synth micro step editing

As well as recording your synth lines without quantizing, you can now also edit them at the microstep level. With six micro steps to every full step, you’ve got plenty of resolution for repositioning notes off the grid, enabling the programming of subtle timing tweaks, fast triplets and more.

Per-note velocity tracking

Prior to firmware v1.8, all Synth notes falling on the same step were always set to the same velocity. Now, not only will notes recorded over other notes on the same step maintain their velocities independently, but you can manually edit those velocities after the fact. In conjunction with non-quantised recording, per-note velocity tracking makes Circuit more expressive and versatile than ever.

Assignable MIDI channels

Ever wished you could change Circuit’s MIDI channel assignments from their defaults? Now you can! Firmware v1.8 lets you set Synth 1, Synth 2 and Drums to whichever MIDI channels you like, from 1 to 15, for increased flexibility when integrating Circuit into your broader studio setup.

The Circuit v1.8 firmware update is available now as a free download in the Components content manager.

More information here: Novation 

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Novation Circuit

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