Analogue Solutions Impulse Command Synthesizer Full Specs & Sound Demos

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The cat is out of the bag. Analogue Solutions latest release is called Impulse Command and is a true stereo semi-modular analog Synthesizer that features dual filters and more.The highlight is an analog sequencer that uses a brand-new ReOrer functionality that constantly writes new melodies. With this, it’s possible to

Tom Carpenter, the designer synths describe it as a whole lot more than a synth. It’s also part drum synth, part pattern generator, part modular loop producer. All its unique features plus the 2 independent LPFs give this machine the ability to produce stereo loops that sound like multiple synths playing at once.

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command


True stereo analogue synth / sonic realiser. Perfect for melodic and percussion loops. Very easy (and fun!) to create modular style analogue loops. It’s a complete sound track all by itself! It’s wrong to call it a synthesizer (in fact a new word needs to be invented) because then you get preconceived ideas about what it does.

The synth has been designed by Tom Carpenter, a musician and a big fan of electronic music. He knows how to program a synth and what should be expected. It was not designed by an engineer or steered by committee or men in suits. Design wasn’t constrained in order to bring maximum profit to share holders! So, the modulation choices and range of sounds they produced have all been carefully thought out and quickly give you those sounds you want: huge bass, synth leads, percussion, effects, modular style sounds.


  • Analogue synth: analogue audio and modulation circuits
  • Stereo / dual filters
  • This synth can sound like multiple synths all at once
  • Stereo digital effects (reverb and delay)
  • 16 step analogue sequencer
  • 16 step MIDI Note sequencer
  • Dynamic internal patch system
  • ReOrder! feature to create new melodies from the sequencer
  • Dynamic VCO mix levels
  • Semi-modular
  • High quality build

News From March 28th, 2019

Brexit is the topic that dominates the media. Nice to see that there are also other news from the UK of which one prefers to report. Impulse Command is the name of the brand new Synthesizer from Analogue Solutions.

What we know so far: it will be a stereo synthesizer and will have a lot of knobs. What you already hear in the demo sounds exciting. All information will follow shortly

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

News From March 26th, 2019

It’s time again. The teaser for new synths for Superbooth has begun. In less than two months, the Superbooth will be back in Berlin and I expect many new synths. Analogue Solutions, the well-known British synth manufactory has already begun to tease its new product.

From the official video you can learn a little, but if we collect the information from other social media platforms, you can see more. Already in January, there was a photo of a mysterious Synthesizer from AS without further information.

Analogue Solutions

What is certain: it will again be a big Synthesizer for the studio and not a small portable. So it will be a synth similar to the Fusebox. So you can see that this new synthesizer gets a red case with lots of knobs. In the lower part, the knobs have a different color compared to the other knobs. So we can expect a 16-step sequencer on the bottom.

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Work starts on batch 1

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The question remains what kind of synthesizer it will be. Analogue Solutions are known for their classy fat-sounding analog technology. It may be that AS is trying to bring new aspects of analog technology to the table.

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An analog Synthesizer with west-coast oriented features would certainly be exciting. Some colleagues in the industry even think about a Waldorf Wave-like instrument.

At the moment, one can only speculate on what will happen. You will learn at the latest on the Superbooth what the new AS Synthesizer can. I’m sure Tom Carpenter from Analogue Solutions will be presenting something very nice again.

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command is available soon for a price of £849, 1179€ and $1199 USD.

More information here: Analogue Solutions 

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