Hideaway Studio The Cosmic Music Box For Kontakt 5 Review

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With Kontakt 5, Native Instruments has built the strongest platform for sample libraries in recent years. Not innocent here are the many third party developers who publish weekly new content in every price range. From classical orchestras (strings…) to experimental libraries, a users of the full Kontakt 5 version will surely find something to his liking.

One of these special and unique libraries for Kontakt 5 is the Cosmic Music Box by Hideaway Studio. This is a very small developer of sample libraries whose focus is mainly on very different sound products.

Where The Sound Came From

The sound content is based on different parts. First, they sampled 21 tine actuations from a disassembled music box mechanism placed on a wooden sounding board. Than, they captured in detail the sound of the clockwork motor and air brake mechanisms. To refine the sound, the developer created a synthesized halo effect by capturing several beating sine waves from a 1960’s tube based dual tone generator. This signal were fed which were fed through the filter stages of a vintage Minimoog Synthesizer. An additional plink effect was created that allows to blend the halo and motor effects together to form the Cosmic Music Box sound.

Straightforward Designed Interface

All these sounds were then incorporated into a new interface that was scripted by the well-known GUI developer Mario Krušelj. The result is very nice interface that reproduces nicely the visual aesthetics of an old music box. Here the user has the opportunity to adjuste the different sound points, to insert various effects (delay, reverb, chorus, phaser…) and thus to design fast own sounds.

The Content Of The Sample Library

The Cosmic Music Box features 51 high-quality samples built-in a custom designed Kontakt 5 interface as well as 5 instrument patches. The user doesn’t get a lot of samples here at first glance, but here it doesn’t matter the number, but above all subtleties matter. The developer has made an effort here and sampled a very unique and special sound that you can not find anywhere.

Hands-On Review With Sound Demos

Get a closer look at the Cosmic Music Box library in the latest episode of the “best affordable Kontakt 5 sample libraries“.

Verdict: A Unique Instrument For Kontakt 5

For a price of $ 8 USD, you get here a pearl of a Kontakt 5 library. Even if the sounds are not very versatile, this creation from Hideaway Studio can shine in the test. It’s character can be described as percussive touched key/piano sound. This library shows that you don’t need gigabytes of sample content to develop a very nice and unique instrument for Kontakt 5.

In summary, the Cosmic Music Box is a Kontakt 5 libary for musicians who love special subtleties in sounds. Not always counts the number of samples you get in a product but also what you get. The saying “class in front of mass” fits perfectly for this library by Hideaway Studio.

More information here: Hideaway Studio 

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