Scorpion Multitap Is A New Free Modular Delay Ensemble For Reaktor 6!

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Anders Haugen has released today a new modular multitap delay ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor 6. Very interesting is here that you can patch different functions together and create so very unique delay effects. Be careful with the feedback!

Scorpion Multitap


Scorpion Multitap is a modular multitap delay utilizing Salamanderanagram’s amazing patchbay. It has separate delay lines for each channel with 8 taps. Each of the taps can be fed into another tap or the input. A feedback section with filters and delay, takes the delayed output and may be fed back to the taps or input. 

Feedback issues may arise if patched in the wrong way, so be logical and careful.

Scopion Multitap is available now for free from the Reaktor User Library.

More information here: Native Instruments

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